Though very much alive, Donald Miller Jr. is still legally a dead man … and yet now his daughters are being hit up for $47,000 in Social Security benefits they received as teens because of his death, the AP reports.
It all started when Miller, a jobless alcoholic at the time, went missing in the 1980s.
The government declared the Ohio man dead in 1994 to initiate the benefit payments for his family, and when Miller returned last year—very much not dead—a judge refused to legally resurrect him.

dancing8But that hasn’t stopped the feds from demanding the return of the benefits, plus interest, the Courier reports.
Miller’s ex-wife has applied for a waiver. “If anybody has to pay this back, it should be him because we didn’t do anything wrong,” she says.
A little blurry?
Perhaps, but this is a three-second exposure taken from aboard the ISS.
As astronaut Reid Wiseman points out, it “shows how crazy our atmosphere really is.”
Oh, wait a minute………………………, did anyone notice the two U.F.O.’s?

Several Toronto newspapers have published pictures of what the new subway platform at Union Station looks like…………., this is so ya don’t get the new one confused with all the old one’s around town folks!

We had the Perspective Research Department look into this and found out that the best way to tell is to look for the small “UNION’ sign on the wall!”
Three Canadian cities rank in the top 10 of the world’s most liveable cities, according to a new report, which found, however, that localized conflicts continue to drive down overall global liveability.
The latest liveability report by The Economist Intelligence Unit found that Melbourne, Australia is the most liveable city of the 140 included in the study, followed by Vienna, Austria. Vancouver and Toronto are a close third and fourth, respectively, while Calgary is tied for fifth with another Australian city: Adelaide.
Cities are assigned a score of between one and 100 (one being “tolerable” and 100 being “ideal”) based on more than 30 factors that fall into five categories: stability, health care, culture and environment, education, and infrastructure.
Melbourne’s score came in at 97.5, while Vienna was 97.4, Vancouver 97.3, and Toronto 97.2. Calgary and Adelaide scored 96.6.
Cities that appear at the top of the rankings are similar, in that they tend to be mid-sized cities in wealthier countries with relatively low population levels, according to the report.
“This can foster a range of recreational activities without leading to high crime levels or overburdened infrastructure,” the report says.
While many of the top-ranking cities showed little sign of change in their liveability scores, “localized instability” in other cities dragged on their scores. Events in Ukraine, for example, pulled down the scores for Kyiv, as well as for the Russian cities of Moscow and St. Petersburg.
Protests in Bangkok also negatively impacted that city’s liveability index, while the score for Damascus, Syria “has continued to decline.”
Kyiv’s score was down by 17.8, Tripoli by 18.1, and Damascus by 28.3, “illustrating that conflict is, unsurprisingly, the key factor in undermining wider liveability.”
We saw an article called “10 things you didn’t know about Rob Ford!” but apparently nobody gives a shit!
A reader sent in a proposal for the new United States flag!

Sorry I don’t have more for ya today kids, but EVERYTHING else I saw was about “EBOLA” and the “FERGUSON” riots!
Well, O.K., there was an article about T.O.’s “raccoon problem,” but even we have standards!

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