Folks, let’s get things back into perspective here! (God I love that word!)
I am very confused about what is going on concerning the radicalization of Canadian youth ….. you know, those idiots who are going to the the Middle-East!
First of all, these guys who are being fucked-up by certain Imams SHOULD be allowed to freely go over to Tunisia, or Syria, or even Lower Slobonia. As a matter of fact, THEY SHOULD BE ENCOURAGED TO GO!
Once they are there, they should be stripped of their Canadian citizenship and NEVER….., EVER, EVER, EVER, (Thank you Taylor Swift) allowed to come back!
That way they’re not our problem anymore!
A “small but notable number” of Canadians have travelled abroad to participate in terrorism-related activities, including to Syria, Somalia and Afghanistan, according to a new report issued by the federal government.
As of early 2014, the federal government was aware of more than 130 people with “Canadian connections” who had travelled abroad and are suspected of engaging in terror-related activity, the report says.
“These included involvement in training, fundraising, promoting radical views and even planning terrorist violence,” the report says.
One hundred, or five hundred, more or less, won’t make any difference over there, but can cause a lot of grief over here! (If they do manage to sneak in to the country again, they should be thrown in jail for twenty years!)
Second, all the Imams in this country should be monitored by CSIS, and any one of them that preaches militancy or radicalism should be immediately thrown in jail, or out of the country!
The Harper government is considering stripping the citizenship of these people: (Some of these travelers remain abroad, while others have returned to Canada. Some are presumed dead.)
The findings are part of the 2014 Public Report on the Terrorist Threat to Canada, which Public Safety Minister Steven Blaney released Friday afternoon.
“Terrorism remains the leading threat to Canada’s national security,” Blaney said in a forward to the report.

“Our Government will continue to take all appropriate action to counter terrorist threats to Canada, its citizens and its interests around the world.”
The report outlines terror-related issues that developed throughout 2013 and early 2014 and the federal government’s response.
Syria is the ‘primary destination’
The report notes that while these “extremist travellers” are not a new phenomenon, “the need to address the threat these extremist travellers pose both to home countries and to the countries to which they travel has become more pressing with their participation in conflicts such as Syria, Somalia, Iraq and Afghanistan.”
Syria has become the “primary destination” for these travelers, the report says.
The report was released amid increasing concerns about North American and European citizens traveling to Syria, Somalia and other countries to engage in terror-related activities. Last month, Mohamed Hersi became the first Canadian to be convicted of attempting to travel abroad to join a terror group, in his case Somalia’s al-Shabab. And more recently, a British citizen was identified as the prime suspect in the recent beheading of American journalist James Foley in Syria.
On Friday, British Prime Minister David Cameron announced that his country’s terror threat level would be raised to “severe,” the second-highest of five levels, meaning that a terror attack is considered highly likely.
While officials did not provide any details on specific plots, it is believed officials fear that homegrown fighters who have traveled overseas to join extremists will return home to launch an attack.
On the threat here in Canada, the report notes that in 2013, four people were arrested and charged with planning terror attacks on Canadian soil. Two men were arrested in Ontario, while a man and a woman were arrested in British Columbia.
Both of those cases remain before the courts.

Recent recruits
Other Canadians have been able to join organizations abroad while staying under the radar.
Two brothers from Calgary are the latest Canadians reported to be fighting for the Islamic State. It is believed that Gregory and Collin Gordon, who are converts to Islam, traveled to Syria two years ago.
Back home, Collin was a talented athlete and popular among his classmates, according to a high school friend.
“Very humble. He was a great athlete,” Andrea Bell said of Collin Gordon. “He was one of the star players on our volleyball team.”
“Everybody is shocked” by his life today, Bell said.
On social media, Collin Gordon calls himself Abu Ibrahim Canadi. In a recent tweet, he called Foley’s beheading the perfection of terrorism.
He follows in the footsteps of other Canadians who have also reportedly joined the Islamic State, including Calgary Damian Clairmont, who was killed in Syria, and Salman Ashrafi, who died in a 2013 suicide mission in Iraq.
Video of another recruit, Farah Mohamed Shirdon, surfaced showing the Calgarian denouncing the West and burning his passport.
“This is a message to Canada and all American tyrants: we are coming and we will destroy you,” Shirdon says in the video.
Shirdon was later killed, according to tweets from other Islamic State members.
Clairmont, Ashrafit and the Gordon brothers all lived in a downtown Calgary apartment building for a time, where they attended a mosque next to the apartment building.
Mahdi Qasqas, a psychologist who counsels Muslim youth, says one grievance can attract a promising young person to violent extremism.
“It always starts off with a grievance, so you’re upset about something, and you feel there’s a sense of injustice. It doesn’t have to be real,” Qasqas says in an interview with CTV News.
A former counterterrorism operative for the Canadian Security Intelligence Service says radicalization is a national problem.
“It’s not like there’s a cell there … it’s come to light now, that the guys from the same general group went over and did what they did,” said Mubin Shaik.
Meanwhile, the RCMP is developing an intervention program to intervene with those at risk of getting involved in extremist activity before it’s too late.
With files from CTV’s Janet Dirks
Here is a report from some sort of LEFT-WING ASSHOLES that questions why Canada would support this FIGHT AGAINST TERRORISM

FOLKS, THIS REPORT IS ABSOLUTELY FUCKING DISGUSTING, and there is no way to put it that is less harsh!
This shows you why I have such disdain and contempt for the radical left, with their warped and twisted view of how things work!
The boys over at Sun News are a pretty smart bunch of cookies, as far as I’m concerned……………., at least, until they start to go on about ‘global warming,’ and then they sound like a bunch of God-damned idiots!
Latest news from the scientific community, a vaccine for Ebola has been developed that cure monkeys of the disease ……….., so scientist are arranging to send a bunch of specially trained and vaccinated apes over to Africa to help in the battle against this terrible disease!
They leave on Monday!
THIS COULDN’T HAPPEN IN CANADA, COULD IT? Police in a small town in Quebec have put the run to a bunch of kids playing street hockey!!!!!!
Don’t know if it was their idea, or they got complaints from some adults, but that’s about the most un-Canadian thing I have ever heard of!
Why is Putin trying to remind everyone that Russia is a nuclear power!

So what!
Nobody would be crazy enough to be the first to use nuclear weapons, because even if you’re losing a war and half your population is going to die, it still wouldn’t make sense to use nukes, because that would assure that the rest of your people would die as well!
At least, that’s been the rational thinking so far!
(Like I said, I sometimes get confused Saturday mornings!)

Myanmar’s first international beauty queen has absconded with her $100,000 crown after being stripped of her title for being rude and dishonest, organizers said Friday.
May Myat Noe’s photograph was blacked out on the Miss Asia Pacific World website, the word “dethroned” stamped alongside her name.
“She thinks as long as she keeps this crown she’s the winner,” said David Kim, director of media for the South Korea-based pageant. “She’s not.”
Organizers said Noe had “lied” and proved to be untrustworthy, but provided few details.
The Perspective Research Department did a little checking, and found out some juicy little tid-bits that were never revealed!
It was decided that Noe’s breasts were too small and could hold her back, and she accepted an offer of enhancements, he said.
“We thought she should be more beautiful … so we sent her to the hospital to operate on her breasts,” Kim said, adding that sponsors picked up the $10,000 tab, as they had for previous winners.
“It’s our responsibility,” he said. “If she has no good nose, then maybe, if she likes, we can operate on her nose. If it’s breasts, then breasts.”
Kim said that troubles started from there, because the girl didn’t want to go through with an operation on her tits!
Now THIS is something the feminists should be bitchin, about! -Ed.

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