Look folks, your ever helpful reporter is getting tired about all the bitchin’ and complainin’ over how poorly we cover news from Manitoba…………………., so hopefully this will shut a few of you up!
The public is advised that the railway crossing on Panet Road between Molson Street and Munroe Avenue will be closed from 8:00 a.m. on Sunday, August 24 to 6:00 a.m. on Tuesday, September 2 for a railway reconstruction project.
Traffic in the area will be rerouted, as follows:
◾Northbound traffic on Panet Road will turn left onto Munroe Avenue (except local traffic).
◾Southbound traffic on Molson Street will turn right at the Molson-Panet intersection, which will then lead to Munroe Avenue.
Motorists are reminded to allow additional travel time and to use alternative routes in the area to get to their destinations.
For information on Transit re-routes, visit: winnipegtransit.com or contact 311, open 24 hours every day, 7 days a week by phone at 311 or by email at 311@winnipeg.ca

imagesSPEAKING OF WINNIPEG: One hundred years ago today a Canadian soldier adopted a black bear cub and named it after his adopted hometown of Winnipeg, launching the saga of Winnie the Pooh.
Yup, that’s right kids, Winnie is one hundred years old today and getting a bit long in the tooth!
His skin is dried and wrinkled, his fur is patchy and faded, and he has arthritis, but just the same Winnie soldiers on folks!
Tim Horton’s is being sold again. Either that, or THEY are buying Burger king!
You might remember that Tim’s was part of the “Wendy’s” chain about ten years ago, but since then has come back home to Canada……., well, now Burger King is buying Tim’s, (or vice-versa) but the newly formed company will be headquartered in Canada!
I guess they weren’t kidding when they said: “Have it your way!”
The Great library of Alexandria was the world’s foremost reference library until a series of fires between 391 and about 640 C.E. destroyed all of mankind’s accumulated knowledge, including the real story about Jesus and Christianity! (The decree of Coptic Pope Theophilus in A.D. 391 resulted in the burning of all books that contradicted the Churches official doctrine, and the decree of the second caliph Omar ibn Al-khattāb in A.D. 640 got rid of the remaining stuff the Muslim’s didn’t like!)
Well, we’re gonna try it again kids!
Google is building the largest store of information in human history — a knowledge base that autonomously gathers and merges data from across the web to provide unprecedented access to all facts about the world.
The search giant is building Knowledge Vault, a type of human knowledge base — a system that stores information so that machines as well as people can read it.
Tom Austin, a technology analyst at Gartner in Boston, said that the world’s biggest technology companies are racing to build similar vaults.
“Google, Microsoft, Facebook, Amazon and IBM are all building them, and they’re tackling these enormous problems that we would never even have thought of trying 10 years ago,” he said.
Google researcher Kevin Murphy and his colleagues will present a paper on Knowledge Vault at the Conference on Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining in New York.

See this picture?
See those tits?
That’s a guy!
It’s Bruce Jenner, father of Kim Kardashian.
Bruce wants to be “Brucie.”
So, Bruce now has tits!
See Bruce run ………….., like a girl!

While we’re on the subject: The US military has yet to offer Pte First Class Chelsea Manning sex change treatment despite medical recommendations, her lawyer has said.
Defence secretary Chuck Hagel approved treatment for a condition known as gender dysphoria in July.
But lawyer David Coombs says her requests for hormone therapy and other accommodations have been “ignored”.
The soldier formerly known as Bradley Manning is serving a 35-year sentence for leaking secret files to Wikileaks.
“This time last year I publicly asked that I be provided with a treatment plan, to bring my body more in line with my gender identity,” Pte Manning said in a statement to NBC News.
“Unfortunately, despite silence, and then lip service, the military has not yet provided me with any such treatment.”
Let’s see …………., I got flak for disparaging Islam yesterday, but today I read that Libya is in turmoil, Syria is a basket case, Egypt is simmering behind the scenes, Iraq is a mess, ISIS is out of control, Boko Haram is slaughtering thousands, Afghanistan is set for a Taliban uprising, Iran has secret plans for the entire Middle-East, Hamas has Gaza under siege, Qatar is raising shit on the sly, and people in Saudi Arabia are afraid to do ANYTHING because the religious police are everywhere!
Which raises the question, is it the religion, is it the culture, (which we talked about yesterday) or does the heat just drive everyone nuts?
(The only place that is reasonably normal is democratic Israel!)

Leonardo DiCaprio is the latest name of A-list of celebrities who have visited Alberta’s oil-sands.
leonardo-dicaprio-baftas-top-grossing-actorsDiCaprio is in Fort McMurray for a few days to tour the oil-sands for an environmental documentary he is working on, a source who did not want to be named told The Perspective Research Department.
They said DiCaprio wanted to see the oil-sands first-hand and learn more about their impact.
The Oscar-nominated star of The Wolf of Wall Street has a long history of environmental activism.
LISTEN KIDS, If Leo wants to do some environmental activating, why doesn’t he go down to the Gulf of Mexico and have a look at the four thousand (4000) oil-rigs out on the water ……………., you know, like the BP rig that blew up a few years ago!!!!!!!!!!

I keep seeing headlines the say: What caused the Napa Valley earthquake?
Well, obviously it was the fault’s fault!
A man missing for almost 40 years and declared dead by the courts has been confirmed alive by Ontario Provincial Police.
Police say Ronald Stan, who was reported missing after a 1977 fire in a rural area near London, Ont., has been found alive and residing under an “assumed identity” in the United States.
Officers with the Middlesex County detachment and the Ontario Fire Marshal’s Office conducted an investigation after an early-morning barn fire on Sept. 29, 1977, in the former Township of East Williams.
In 1986, almost nine years after his disappearance, the missing man was declared deceased by the courts.


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