Ladies and Gentlemen, there is so much being written about Islam lately that I thought you might like to understand this religion a little better, and see why they do the things they do!
(Basically the Muslim Faith was conceived in violence, and propagated in violence, so is it any wonder they do stuff like cut peoples heads off!)
For a better understanding of Islam, and how it works, you might want to have a look at my book “The Plain Truth About God!”
It’s not a dry, academic work, but rather a plain talking look at what made Islam and Christianity the way they are ……….., and what makes them tick today!
Although the book was written after 9/11, it was before all this trouble with Boko Haram, and ISIS, (etc. etc.) so it might help explain why the Muslim religion is so bloodthirsty!
You can get the book H E R E and it’s available in both paperback and E-Book!

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