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Since your ever faithful reporter comments on matters great and small in the world of religion, we also get a lot of letters trying to set us straight on some issues, and clarifying others!
One of the most disturbing pieces of mail we have received in quite some time came from a far right religious group, and concerns not only the spread of EBOLA, but also the plot by Barack Obama to infect as many people as possible!
So that you can realize the full implications of this plot by the left wing socialist hordes, we have reproduced it HERE in it’s entirety!!!!!!
(I know it’s rather long, but it is VERY important, so please read all of it so that you understand the gravity of this situation!)

Before reading the Lord’s very sobering word and visions, please take a moment to read about the Ebola coverups that are going on, you will better appreciate what the Lord has to say show about what is coming…
On the October 23rd Alex Jones radio show Alex interviewed Dr James Lorenzi who had some shocking information regarding the dissappearance of an suspected Ebola patient bleeding from all orfices who was admitted to the Kansas City Research Medical Center. After the patient was placed into quarantine, the hospital staff who attended the patient were astounded when supervisors at the hospital informed them the patient had malaria. Staff were then unable to locate the patient anywhere in the hospital. The story was featured by the very popular Drudge Report, please look up the interview and listen to it.
Alex recounted during the interview with Dr Lorenzi his own experience of speaking with a doctor from Dallas recently who was literally shaking as he he told Alex of a similar event that he was familiar with. Antony Gucciardi of Natural News came forward during an earlier broadcast of the show the very same day to say that similar reports were coming into him from health care workers who wanted to remain anonymous for fear of losing their jobs. Just today the 27th another report has surfaced out of Missoula Montana on the Steve Quayle website.
These revelations follow on the heels of Border Patrol supervisor Zack Taylor who has reported similar activity by the CDC and HHS at the Mexican/US border. Many Illegal immigrants suffering with Ebola type symptoms have been placed into quarantine and the border patrol agents are not being told where they are being taken to.
We are also being misled by the CDC regarding important Ebola facts. Prominent infectious disease expert Michael Osterholm, Ph.D., M.P.H, just spoke to colleagues at an Ebola symposium at the John Hopkins Medical Center on October 14th.. The following statements are from his address.
(A) Osterholm knows a lot less about Ebola today than he did six months ago!
(B) Not the same Ebola outbreak we have seen in the past!
(C) Osterholm openly admits, “we are making this up as we go”
(D) People are making pronouncements about what the virus is doing and they don’t know what the hell they’re talking about. We don’t know what’s going on.
(E) I have personally heard from clinicians with a whole series of cases, where people did not ever present with a fever for the entire time, from the admission at the treatment center until they died. There never was any documented 101.5 fever!
(F) Airborne…. we have never been in a position to judge whether airborne transmission could happen because it’s always been overwhelmed by the close contact transmission that’s there. We never could quite study it….. a number of Ebola virologists are very concerned about it… so I am very concerned about it….
(G) Today I’ve been given permission to share something I’ve known about for a few weeks that has concerned me greatly. Gary Kobinger and colleagues at Winnipeg Canadian National lab actually took one of the strains from Guinea and put it into Macaques a little over a month and a half ago. What they saw was remarkable. It was unlike any of the Ebola viruses they’ve seen in monkeys. It was much, much more severe; the pathology in the lungs was remarkable. As Gary said, and he is one of the most prominent Ebola virologists in the world, “what I saw was very worrisome to me.” Maybe this is a different virus. Maybe there is that possibility that if you have that much virus in the lungs then airborne transmission is possible.
Dr. Peter Jahrling an expert scientist from the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease has publicly warned that the Ebola strain currently in circulation appears to be far more virulent and infectious than previous strains. Dr. Jahrling has been on the ground in the Liberian capital of Monrovia, studying the disease with a team of researchers. He says the viral loads that his team is witnessing exceed what has been observed during previous outbreaks, suggesting that, this time, the disease is far more deadly and also mutating at an alarming rate. More of the virus is infecting patients, and it appears to be advancing and spreading more rapidly than usual.
The following prophetic warnings regarding the plans of Obama and others to help quicken the spread of Ebola were given to prophet Linda Newkirk on October 11th, 2014. Following the warnings is a word she received in 2012 when she was also told of Obama’s plans to spread incurable diseases.
The Spread of the Ebola Plague: A Great Dying!
After I prayed today with a friend, our Blessed Saviour gave me several visions relative to the ebola plague, its spread in this nation and also its spread in some other nations.
I saw in that vision an angel, who poured out a large vial of a dark substance upon this nation, near the middle of the nation. Soon after the angel poured out this vial upon this nation, which I understood to be one of the plagues from the Book of Revelation, I saw dark tributaries began to form and these tributaries began to enlarge and to flow outward across this nation. These dark tributaries grew quickly until they began to spread out and become diffuse, fanning out their presence until a deep red mass began to cover this nation from north to south and from east to west. It seemed that the whole nation was covered in blood and I knew that I was seeing the rapid advancement of this ebola virus in this nation! Then, I heard our Saviour say, “Because you have loved the shedding of innocent blood!” (How many slaughtered babies in this nation? Perhaps as many as 100 million?)
After seeing this nation, which seemed to be covered in blood, I saw piles of dead people. The dead seemed to pile up so quickly! In great heaps, they were piled up! Then, I saw workers, who took the dead, who were stashed in plastic bags, and they began to toss the heaps of dead bodies into open box cars and onto long flat-bed trucks. Thereafter, I saw them unload masses of these dead bodies and throw them into empty houses and set afire those houses, which were stacked with dead bodies and they burned the bodies and the houses together! Then, I saw these workers take more bodies and throw them into square pits, which had concrete bottoms and concrete sides, but were otherwise open pits and on top of the bodies, they poured accelerants and set afire these bodies and burned them in this way.
After I received the above part of this vision, I then was taken into an underground base and there I saw the President of this nation. Along with him were a small group of people, I watched them there and I knew that they were in the midst of a plot, a very great plot, indeed; and that plot was to determine how to spread this virus among the people in this nation at a more alarming rate. I saw what they plotted, at least some of it, and firstly I saw that they were planning to put this virus into packaged meat in some of the grocery stores. Then, I saw that they were plotting to put some of this virus into open reservoirs of drinking water. Then, I saw that they were plotting to release terrorists into shopping centers, who would run quickly from one to another shopper and inject certain of these unsuspecting shoppers with the ebola virus, and thereafter flee!
I was deeply disturbed by what I was seeing, but I also knew that I was being shown only part of their terrible schemes! For many years, our Blessed God has shown me the plans of the enemy and upon knowing the schemes of the enemy, a few of us would pray and we would then see our Saviour intervene to stop their schemes. Yet, sadly, Dear Ones, I believe that we are now reaching a point-of-no-return, not only in this nation, but around the world!
Then, this vision carried me away from this nation and into China and there in China I saw someone turn on a faucet and from this faucet ran blood, a great stream of blood and blood began to run out all over China. I knew from this vision that that blood represented the ebola virus and this was our Saviour’s wrath against China because of the killing of the unborn! Then, I heard, “One third died from this plague in China!”
Then, in another part of this vision, I was led to Europe and I witnessed a deep, black cloud as it descended and covered Europe and I strained to see what was hidden beneath this dark cloud; for a great darkness covered all of Europe! But, after some peeping into the darkness for a little while, I began to see there, hidden beneath the grossly dark clouds, great numbers of white crosses, yes great numbers of people buried in massive numbers of graves. As far as I could see, even for great distances, nothing but graves. And, as I looked at the massive numbers of graves, I began to have a terrible discerning in my spirit, a terrible feel that in certain of those nations, most of the people were dead!
And, then my eyes moved downwards to Africa and a red covering went across Africa and covered most of Africa. And, I knew that many in mostl of the continent of Africa would experience this terrible, hemorrhagic disease! As I was seeing this last vision, I began to hear our Saviour’s words; and they are as follows!
Message from Jesus, our Blessed Saviour
“No more,” says the Lord, our God! “No more will I mercifully withhold My judgements regarding your wicked ways! You are a wicked house, oh My house, and all over this nation, you parade your wickedness! I will no longer strive with you, oh America; for you have perverted My word! You have rebelled against Me and I am against you, oh America!
From nation to nation, I will look; and I will rise up now to judge in righteousness; for evil threatens to devour the whole world! And, as you have loved evil all over the world and as you despise truth, I will cause you to fall and to serve evil and to fall to every lie; for you love a lie! And, I will hide Myself from those, who love evil, but the righteous I will keep, even in the midst of terrible wars! Yet, My Tried and True I will take and they will be with Me; for as I am plucking up, I am also reaping!
Woe to the inhabitants of the earth; for Satan and all of his wicked hordes are being cast down and you, oh My people, they hate with a perfect hate!
Therefore, you will either repent, and turn to Me with your whole hearts, or you will perish in your iniquities!
Woe to those, who take the mark of the beast! For, that mark is the end of the line for your souls!
I am a Righteous God and I am going to have a holy and righteous kingdom! Blessed is the One, who seeks firstly the kingdom of God, that righteousness may be added unto you! For, sustained righteousness in you, oh My Blessed and Faithful Ones, is your eternal freedom!
I am Jesus!
As witnessed, dictated and recorded this 11th day of October, 2014. Linda Newkirk
This is where we are, Dear Souls, at that time of dividing, that time of sifting. Go into your prayer closets! Watch, and pray always! For, surely some will be counted worthy to escape all these things!
Jesus bless you, Dear Ones! I love you very much!
Following received by Linda Newkirk on August 6, 2012
(excerpted) “What will you do, oh America? For, foreign troops are already within your borders. Your demise is being carefully plotted! Your wicked leaders are ready to begin the spreading of the poisonous gases in great measures. They are ready to spread the terrible and incurable plagues among you, for which there are no remedies! They have gained control of your health care and your hospitals will become massive execution camps! Drugs will be willfully withheld from any and all of you, who find yourselves in their care, so that they might hasten your deaths at will.”
P.S. from MB…. Furthermore, a friend from Arizona came forward on Sunday October 12, just after learning of these warnings, to say that he had a prophetic dream from the Lord approximately ‘a year ago’ that is also a confirmation of what Obama is up to. In the dream he was confronted by Barack Obama, Obama looked him straight in the eye and said, “after I poison the water, I will not have to be nice to the people anymore”
Many of the Lord’s very important warnings about what is coming soon can be read at There are extraordinary videos and photos at the website of the extraordinary ‘biblical signs’ of God’s Glory and the ‘Manchild” glory that have been appearing over many nations.


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