Well folks, they certainly know how to have a good time in Quebec!
A Quebec man accused of threatening a family with a chainsaw during an alleged road rage incident on Sunday has pleaded not guilty.
Manuel Delisle, 37, from St. Jerome, Que., appeared in court on Tuesday and was charged with assault with a weapon in connection with the alleged incident directed at a father, mother and their two young children.
The mother recorded the incident with her phone and posted the video to Facebook, where it has since gone viral. It has been viewed more than 1.1 million times on Facebook alone, and shared by tens of thousands of Facebook users.
In the video, the man can be seen shouting and holding up a chainsaw. At one point he revs the chainsaw, causing the two children to scream and call for their mother. The mother can be heard shouting that she has called the police. The man makes several obscene gestures and walks away from the vehicle.
Police say the confrontation came about after Alexandre Hermenier, his wife and two kids blocked Delisle in a parking lot with their minivan after Delisle cut them off.
Delisle has been ordered by the court to have no contact with the alleged victims. His next court appearance is slated for July 7.
Police won’t say whether anyone from the family will be charged.

Provincial police are investigating the death of a goose that has been a fixture in a Picton, Ont. pond for 15 years.
The white-and-brown Asiatic goose, nicknamed “Kate,” has not been seen for weeks, leaving her feathered partner “William” alone in a pond full of ducks.
William and Kate were donated to the Glenwood Cemetery more than 15 years ago, and have been fed by volunteers ever since. They were officially named after Britain’s royal couple a few years ago, according to the cemetery’s website.
Kate was known to be friendly, and was often thought of as more of a pet than a wild animal. She was last seen on March 21.
Ontario Provincial Police said a group of youths was seen firing pellet guns at the birds in the pond on the evening of March 21, and may have hit Kate.
Both geese have their wings clipped, and could not fly away.
According to the cemetery, the geese mate for life, and Kate’s mate is “heartbroken” by her death.
“The cemetery’s staff, volunteers and board members are also heartbroken by Kate’s untimely and senseless death,” the cemetery site says.
The message says staff members are working with police to tighten security following the incident.
Anyone with more information is asked to contact police at 613-476-2151, or Glenwood Cemetery at 613-476-3511.
Shark fishing from shore in Florida is a popular pastime, but few people would expect to see a bobcat getting in on the action.
But John Bailey witnessed just that, and even managed to capture an image showing the wildcat dragging a fairly large shark up the beach at Sebastian Inlet, before the bobcat became spooked and ran off without its prize.
This occurred Monday evening as Bailey was walking along the beach. The bobcat, according to the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, “leaped into the water atop the shark and dragged it ashore!”
The FWC added that the shark might be an adult Atlantic sharp nose shark, and noted that “there are no shark-fishing regulations for bobcats. Just people.”
It was a rare sighting, to be sure, given the reclusive nature of bobcats. However, they have been known to roam Florida beaches, and are opportunistic feeders.
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MeBai, a baby elephant torn away from its mother three years ago and put into a life of slavery in Thailand, enjoyed a passionate reunion with her mother, Mae Yui, after rescuers from Elephant Nature Park arranged for the meeting.
Baby elephants are said to be dependent emotionally and physically on their mothers for three to five years. MeBai was taken away from her mother at age 3 to work a tourist camp giving rides, even though she was young.
According to Elephant Nature Park, the elephant’s owner moved her out of the riding business because of failing health and allowed her to join the Pamper A Pachyderm program at Elephant Nature Park.
Soon, Lek Chailert of the Elephant Nature Park discovered MeBai’s mother was at a tourist camp more than 60 miles away at the Karen Tribe village and convinced the owner there to allow a visit from her kidnapped baby.
So caretakers of MeBai walked her more than 60 miles over four days for the magical moment when mother and daughter were reunited:
Elephants never forget.
“When Mae Yui and MeBai met, it seemed both of them were shocked and they held quiet, silent for half an hour,” Chailert wrote about the reunion on Facebook.
“We all stand there silent with them and want to see what will happen. And then they began to talk, MeBai and her mother joining trunks, hugging each other and talking non-stop, 3 1/2 of catching up—it is a lot of things for them to share on their experiences.”
The owners of Mae Yui were so touched, they agreed to release her from captivity, too, so both elephants are being rehabilitated together at the new Karen Elephants Experience, and eventually will be returned to the wild.

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