Seems I don’t know who to believe anymore kids!
The CBC is on a campaign to flog what they call the missing and/or murdered native women across Canada and it makes the news every night. You would think there is a vat network of guys like Robert Pickton who are abducting and killing girls left right and center ……, while at the same time no one talks about the RCMP report that says over 90% of the cases have been solved and over 70% of the murdered women were killed by someone on the reserve!
This means a husband of common law partner, folks!
I guess it’s not as newsworthy when a bunch of Indians are killing themselves, so they promote a vast conspiracy to kill native women by white guys!
I also don’t understand what motivates Dell “Super Dell” Schanze to pull some of the stunts he has pulled in the past!
A plea deal for a former TV pitchman in Utah accused of kicking a barn owl in flight while riding a motorized paraglider fell through Thursday when he refused to admit to a crime he said makes him look like an evil, horrible person.
Dell “Super Dell” Schanze — known in Utah for his shrill, hyperactive TV commercials for his Totally Awesome Computers retail chain that has since closed — once again turned a court hearing into a spectacle. It started when he arrived about five minutes late and entered court wearing dark sunglasses, a tight-fitting black turtleneck, tennis shoes and a fanny pack.
When U.S. District Judge Dee Benson began reading through the plea deal, Schanze answered “yes sir” to the first few questions but then balked after Benson asked him if it was true that he knowingly harassed the owl in February or March of 2011.
“No sir,” Schanze said.
“I’m going to go out on a limb here, what part isn’t true?” Benson said.
“Pretty much all of it, but I’m willing to plea to it if we can finish this today,” Schanze said.
2602ee8cba40423daf874bd9f879b39d-63b8db4e54684c6ea2386f8c3a7c3321-0The judge explained to Schanze that he couldn’t accept a plea deal without an admission to the facts. Schanze’s attorney, Kent Hart, spoke with him several times and the judge at one point brought both attorneys to the bench.
But Schanze never budged, refusing to accept the facts.
“Do you not see the conundrum?” Schanze told the judge. “I’m not an evil, horrible guy and I’m not going to lie.”
Benson told Schanze nobody was accusing him of being evil and reminded him that nobody was forcing him to accept the deal.
“You don’t have to and believe me, I don’t care,” Benson said. “This is all up to you.”
When Schanze refused again, Benson ended the hearing and ordered the case to trial, set to begin on April 20.
Schanze has pleaded not guilty to the misdemeanor charge of knowingly using an aircraft to harass wildlife and pursuing a migratory bird. He faces a maximum of one year in jail and a $100,000 fine, the judge said.
imagesThe charges, filed in October, came after a federal investigation into a video that surfaced online last year and appeared to show a paraglider near Utah Lake kicking a soaring owl and boasting about it.
The U.S. Attorney’s Office declined comment after the hearing.
Schanze and his attorney also declined comment outside court, but Schanze proceeded to go into a rant as he left the court about the satanic media that tells lies.
Thursday was not the first time Schanze has made a sideshow out of a court hearing. At his initial appearance in December, he was handcuffed and briefly held in contempt after being disruptive and combative with a federal judge.
Schanze closed the retail computer stores in 2006 amid sinking sales and legal troubles. He unsuccessfully ran for political office, including a Libertarian bid for governor.
Schanze’s paragliding has previously run afoul of the law. In 2006, he was charged with disorderly conduct after flying low near Interstate 15 at rush hour. He kissed the feet of a fan who paid his $300 fine in the case.
Five years later, Schanze was arrested in Oregon after allegedly jumping off the 125-foot-tall Astoria Column. He said outside the jail that the government was stifling his creativity.
First of all folks, I don’t know why someone thought of doing this survey in the first place, and second, I don’t know why anyone would go ahead with this type of a survey once they did!
By Samantha Jordan
grilled_cheeseLike grilled cheese? Turns out, you may be having a lot more fun in the bedroom than most people.
A new survey by the dating site Skout finds that grilled-cheese-sandwich-lovers have a more active sex life, with 32 percent getting it on more than 6 times a month. That’s compared to just 27 percent of people who don’t like grilled cheese. Also, 63 percent of those surveyed who don’t like the snack say they have sex at least once each month, whereas 73 percent who enjoy the cheesy goodness are going at the same pace.
But it’s not just sex that grilled cheese lovers enjoy. The survey says 84 percent of them are more adventurous and like to travel, compared to 78 percent of nonlovers. They are also more generous: 81 percent vs. 66 percent.
Now that we know how your feelings toward grilled cheese affect the bedroom, the survey also touched on what kind of cheese people like to use and whether they like their sandwiches with crust or no crust.
According to the LA Times, the most popular cheese is American, favored by 41%, followed by cheddar (33 percent), mozzarella (10 percent), Swiss (8 percent), provolone (6 percent) and brie (2 percent). Anyone who has actually tried a brie grilled cheese sandwich knows that percentage should be much higher.
wedding_rings_0_1420814392A New York woman has, according to police, gotten married a few too many times, and she’s now facing felony fraud charges.
Authorities say Liana Barrientos, reported as being 38 or 39, has gotten married 10 times in 11 years, the New York Daily News reports, with six of those marriages allegedly occurring between February and August of 2002.
She’s never gotten divorced, according to the Daily News and ABC 7, though others report differently:
1144045-Cartoon-Of-A-Chorus-Line-Of-Naked-Men-Dancing-The-Can-Can-Royalty-Free-Vector-ClipartThe New York Post holds that at least one husband filed for divorce and a second “dumped her,” placing her number of concurrent marriages at eight; the New York Times reports she’s actually divorced from her first two husbands and two others, but that those splits happened “long after marrying 3 through 9.”
The latest alleged nuptials were in 2010, when Barrientos is said to have married a man named Salle Keita
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