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Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Oh to be young and stupid!

Folks, your often confused reporter still can't understand what would prompt 10 people in Montreal to attempt to join jihadist groups in the Middle-East. The only thing I can think of is that they are young and stupid ........., really stupid!

MONTREAL - Ten young people suspected of wanting to join jihadist groups overseas were arrested last weekend at Montreal's Trudeau International Airport, the RCMP said late Tuesday.
No charges have been laid, the investigation is ongoing and the 10 young Montrealers have had their passports confiscated.
The RCMP said in a statement that it is unable to release any names or information on what led to the arrests.
Investigators have, however, met with the families and friends of the suspects and said “the decision to leave the country was not that of the family, but of a single family member.”
“These are very difficult times for the relatives and loved ones of the persons arrested,” the RCMP said. “As a result, family members often find themselves at a complete loss and unable to understand the decision made by the youth.”


Now THIS is a guy that should know better, and the only reason that comes to mind for this horrible act is some form of mental illness!

(Plus, this hit a little too close to home!)

A 38-year-old father in London, Ont., has been charged with attempted murder after a five-year-old girl was stabbed on Tuesday morning.
Andrew Bruce Hill, 38, is in custody, according to London police, and has been identified as the girl’s father.

The five-year-old remains in hospital.


And THIS proves that ya just can't make everybody happy at the same time.

With 100 Toronto police officers now sporting body cameras on the job, some citizens are voicing privacy concerns over how their personal information will be recorded, viewed and stored after encounters with law enforcement.

The Toronto Police Service launched its one-year, $500,000 body camera pilot project on Monday, sparking concerns among privacy groups over the use, safety and security of footage recorded by officers on the job.

Executive Director Sukanya Pillay of the Canadian Civil Liberties Association says body cameras can be a "good thing for accountability," but they raise a number of questions that need to be addressed as part of the pilot project.

Folks, this is one case where I would gladly sacrifice a bit of privacy to keep our cops accountable.

After all, you can't have it both ways!

Oh, by the way: Executive Director Sukanya Pillay of the Canadian Civil Liberties Association gets to be our "Asshole of the Day" for bringing up this "privacy" thing!


And Finally:

Just to get all that serious shit out of your head, have a look at this latest tid-bit from La La Land!

Promoting her new film about a lesbian romance, Cate Blanchett said her recent comments about past relationships with women was taken out of context, Entertainment Weekly reported.

At a press conference at the Cannes Film Festival Sunday, the two-time Academy Award-winner and married mother of four said she never implied those relationships were sexual when she was interviewed by Variety's film editor.