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Friday, 1 May 2015


No one has claimed responsibility for writing this
but it sure hits the nail on the head
The Ode to Fluffy
Fluffy Duffy, sat in the House
Fluffy Duffy, was a real louse.
Trying to figure, “Where is his home?”;
On taxpayers’ money, he continued to roam.
Wheeling and dealing, like Wallin and Mack
But all of a sudden, he seemed to lose track.
Of how much he took, and where it all went
Said he had no idea, how it got spent. 

So back to the trough, to try to get more
Said to his wife, “We’ll never be poor”.
The rules are unclear, and colleagues so dumb
From PEI, I’ll tell them I’m from.
Two principal homes, he claimed to possess
Saying if he gets caught, he’ll never confess.
He feared he might have, a big heart attack
So the money he’ll need, and not give it back.

Then along came that scoundrel, Robert S. Fife
His nosing around, upset Fluffy’s life.
He blabbed to the world, Fluffy’s nothing but dirt
And God only knows, how much that hurt.
He prodded and poked, and gossip he bought
Fluffy had no idea, he’d ever get caught. 

“He’s an honest man”, Harper he claimed
Fluffy’s response to them all, was “He had been defamed”.
When it seemed to them all, that Fluffy was done
The mess he was in, was not really fun.
They thought they had brought him, down to his knees
Till Harper sent Nigel, with his 90 gs.
So off he did run, right up to the bank
Still trying to figure, just who to thank.
Taxpayers, or Harper or Nigel his “friend”;
But they all remained silent, right up to the end.

The money he took, has thus been put back
So the auditors now, will cease to attack.
Fluffy’s honesty, integrity, and all he’s stood for
Is now in his cabin, behind a locked door.
They’ll not snoop around, it is plain for to see
As the help he now has, from R-C-M-P.
His Senator friends, may give him a fine
But do as they wish, he’ll never resign.
 With an exorbitant salary, which they’ll never freeze
He continues along, and cheats as he please.
Double dipping he’ll show you, can be so easy
When a Senator learns, how to be sleazy.
With taxpayers’ dollars, he’s now off the hook,
And he’ll make some more money, when he publishes a book.
And it’s onward and upward, he’ll never be blue
As he continues his game, and make fools out of you.
You can’t kiss him goodbye, while he’s still alive 

Until of course, when he’s seventy-five.
But by then you will see, before he is off,
He’ll continue to feed, till he empties the trough.
It can’t get much better, as he’s still hale and hearty
He got where he is, as a “friend” of the party. 

They covered his back, as the truth they can’t tell,
So, unless you’re a Tory, go directly to hell.
Politics as you know, is always so sleazy
And ripping you off, they’ve made all too easy
So really good people, won’t get in the game
As cheating and lying, will ruin their good name.
It has happened before, and never will change 

Two  Term Limits
                Limit all politicians to two terms.

                One in office, One in prison.

                It works:  Detroit and Chicago already do this.