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Thursday, 4 June 2015

Haters are gonna hate!

Well folks, here's a guy who was probably drunk at the time .............., because why else would he risk the ire of the local cops for this stupid stunt!

BRAMPTON, Ont. -- An alleged hostile phone call to police in Oklahoma landed an Ontario man in hot water back home after police in the Toronto area were called to investigate.
Peel Regional Police say the man called the Oologah police department on May 31 and made "derogatory comments" about an officer who had been shot in the head during a chase a few days earlier.
Const. Fiona Thivierge says the man was "very irate" on the phone and expressed his dislike of police.
She says he also went on about the injured officer's "potential to die."
Thivierge says the man was arrested for mischief and questioned Monday evening, but police let him go without laying charges.
His name is not being released.
"Basically, he called the police department, he ranted about nasty things, we spoke to him, we released him," Thivierge told The Canadian Press.
"Based on the call, we would never have charged him ... and I don't believe that's what they were looking for," she said. (Well, if the truth be known kids, I don't think they were looking out for his safety, or anything else ......., more like checking to see if there was anything they could charge him with for being an asshole!)

AND WHILE WE ARE ON THE SUBJECT OF ASSHOLES: Illinois Man Fullfills a Longtime Wish and Backs SUV Through Garage Door!
Image result for backing thru garage door clipartA suburban Chicago man who says he always wanted to know what it is like to smash through a garage door now knows the feeling. 
Ninety-one-year-old Walter Thomas of Woodstock, N.Y.  was able to slam an SUV through his garage door with his family's help.
Police say Logan Shaulis ever so helpfully set up his own DUI checkpoint.AND WHILE WE ARE STILL ON THE SUBJECT OF ASSHOLES, THIS GUY GETS A TROPHY TOO:  (Newser) – Apparently for Logan Shaulis, it's not a party until you're demanding to see license and registration from passing drivers. Police say the 19-year-old Pennsylvanian set up his own DUI checkpoint early Saturday, complete with flares, a BB gun, handcuffs, and a portable scanner, reports the Tribune-Democrat. The slight problems with this scenario are that 1) police say Shaulis was under the influence himself at the time, and 2) well, police caught on to his little ruse. When they arrived, they say Shaulis tried to hand the BB gun to a passenger, saying, "I can’t get caught with this."
One driver who was stopped said Shaulis told him "he was setting up road blocks and that they should have read about it in the newspaper." Adds a neighbor, per WTAJ: "We saw cop cars, we saw flares, we couldn't figure out what was going on. It was about 3 o'clock in the morning." Shaulis faces a litany of charges:
  • Carrying a firearm without a license, driving under the influence of alcohol, unlawful restraint, possessing an instrument of crime, official oppression, criminal coercion, reckless endangerment, impersonating a public servant, harassment, disorderly conduct, and public drunkenness.
Image result for black bear clipartSPEAKING ABOUT THE COPS: Remember that bear they killed in Newmarket a few days ago? Well, apparently bears in Canada are treated about the same as blacks in the States!  
TORONTO -- Government data show bears are far more likely to be killed than tranquilized in Ontario when authorities are called in to intervene.
The Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry says it received 4,293 calls for bear sightings last year, and about two per cent required an on-the-ground response. It says in 70 per cent of those cases, the bear is killed "due to public safety concerns." (And these statistics are even worse when it's a black bear!)
LET'S ORDER CHINESE FOOD, quick ....., what's the name of that restaurant down the road?
ROCHESTER, N.Y. (AP) — There's a new Chinese restaurant in Rochester. The name? I Don't Know. Seriously, the I Don't Know Chinese Restaurant recently opened in the western New York city. Owner Jessie Dong tells the Democrat and Chronicle of Rochester ( ) that said she came up with the unusual name because whenever she would ask her three children what they wanted to eat, their response would be: "I don't know."
Image result for old chinese man clipartDong said when it came time to name the new restaurant, her family didn't know that either, hence the name I Don't Know.
Dong is a native of Guangdong province in China and now lives with her family in the town of Greece, a Rochester suburb.