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Friday, 31 July 2015

Deep, and not so deep, secrets!

Dear Readers:

The latest piece of nonsense from the Internet has Sarah Palin attempting solve a lot of the problems that plague the United States by......, by......, by, well the only way you can put it is without any sugar coating!!! 

"Sarah Palin has called for the re-introduction of slavery on a voluntary basis."


What she actually said was: "That's what we have husbands for!"

Anybody remember the HOVERBOARD  in the movie "Back to the future?"

Lexus Hoverboard 
Last month, Japanese auto manufacturer Lexus unveiled its newest product, and it's not another luxury SUV. It's a hoverboard.
Nicknamed the "Slide," this flying skateboard will be tested in public for the first time on Wednesday (Aug. 5), the company announced this week in a brief video posted on YouTube. The video shows the sleek board floating over what appears to be regular cement in a skateboard park, leading some hoverboard enthusiasts to speculate that, at long last, someone has produced a flying skateboard that you can actually ride down a sidewalk.
But, if you thought Lexus' new toy would turn you into Marty McFly from "Back to the Future Part II" (the one with the epic hoverboard chase scene), think again. Lexus' Slide can't actually hover over regular cement.   (There are magnets in the board, and superconducting magnets cooled by liquid nitrogen embedded in the concrete!!!!!! -Ed.)


Folks, as further proof that things are seriously out of whack here in North America, (not so much in Europe) just look at the groups opposed to fluoridation of drinking water and vaccines against disease for young and old alike!

In December 2014, a measles outbreak began at Disneyland in Orange County, California. The outbreak eventually sickened 111 people in California and spread to six other states as well as Canada and Mexico.
California quickly became notorious for its high number of vaccination skeptics. Yet, this outbreak is not simply the result of a few outspoken “anti-vaxxers” – celebrities or otherwise – but instead is part of a more general trend of increased distrust over the use of mandatory vaccinations. 
 The majority of parents in the US still have their children vaccinated on schedule. But there is a small minority who refuse vaccines altogether, or choose some vaccines and not others, or want a different schedule.
Image result for donald trumpIn 2014 there was a record high number of measles cases (668) since the disease was considered eliminated in 2000, with researchers placing the blame on declining vaccination rates.
In some states, the decline has been dramatic. In California, the number of kindergarten-aged children who have failed to complete all their recommended vaccinations has gone up significantly in the last five years. (A lot of the blame for the skepticism of vaccines can be laid squarely on the shoulders of that idiot Jenny McCarthy ........., and Donald Trump!)



There are still a lot of people who don't know that there is a whole underground industrial city below Kansas City.............,  that was built about 50 years ago in an old salt mine.

The amazing thing is that it covers over 5 million square feet and ya can get lost down there!


God only knows what THIS thing is!!!!!!!


Ya can go right to the outer fringes of the Twilight Zone with video's like this one!