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Saturday, 11 July 2015

First Nations group to mark 25th anniversary of Oka Crisis!

Well kids, it's not only the start of the Pan Am games in Toronto, but festivities will take place today to mark the 25-year anniversary of the Oka Crisis, the violent 78-day standoff over disputed territory between Mohawks and authorities.

Those scheduled to attend include Assembly of First Nations Grand Chief Perry Bellegarde and Francine Lemay, the sister of the provincial police corporal whose shooting death sparked the showdown.

(The Mohawks were upset the town of Oka had approved a golf course expansion onto territory they had never surrendered to the government. The Canadian Forces were eventually called in and it was only in late September that the crisis ended.)

Marcel Lemay was shot on July 11, 1990, as police clashed with Mohawk Warriors in Kanesatake, just west of Montreal. Then, native protester Dudley George was shot and killed by police five years later at the at the Ipperwash Beach protest. That made the score tied at one apiece ..., so far! 

In the meantime, a re-match was held in Caledonia,  near Hamilton, a few years after Ipperwash,  but fortunately nobody was killed in that one ......., although it's a bloody wonder! -Ed.

Various native and non-native leaders will speak today, while activities will include a feast, a lacrosse game and a tug-of-war.
Oka crisis