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Sunday, 5 July 2015

Hooray for rice-a-roney!

Image result for cop car clipartPolice say two friends trying to hand off a rice cooker at a Rhode Island casino caused a brief security scare.
The Twin River Casino in Lincoln wasn't evacuated but the parking lot was temporarily closed Saturday morning until police determined there was no threat.
WPRI-TV reports ( a man told casino security he saw the cooker next to a car in the parking lot at about 9:40 a.m. Casino security, officers with the Lincoln and state police, and the state fire marshal's office responded.
Image result for cop car clipartPolice reviewed surveillance video and located the woman who left the cooker. She said she was meeting a friend who wanted to borrow it.
The friend had already gone inside, so they agreed over the phone that she would leave the cooker next to her friend's car.
State police said their story checked out, and the two friends apologized.

Image result for uncle benYup, racial profiling involved here kids. 

First of all it was a brown rice cooker and so Uncle Ben was implicated. 

Second, if they had of used minute rice it would have been all over in a .............., well, in a minute.


If they had used wild rice it would really have got things going!!!!!