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Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Setting the record straight!

Dear Readers:

It's time to set the record straight on some of these "letters to the editor" I have been reading in the London Free Press lately.

Here's the first:

Regarding the July 18 letter Why French first? by Silvia Ingber
I ask, “Why not?” Why does it matter wherever you are in Canada as to whether English or French is used first or second? If both languages are official in Canada, it doesn’t matter.
I found Ingber’s comments offensive. I am a fully bilingual proud Canadian, educated in both languages by parents who had the foresight that being a free Canadian able to speak, read and think in both languages was a wonderful place to be anywhere in the world. Where is it written that English has precedence over French? Our country is admired for its bilingualism, not looked down on.
Doris Kannon

Dear Doris: First of all ya sound just like one of them Muslims who has been "offended," but then again the French in this country have an attitude of superiority and entitlement whose hubris know no bounds. If you want to bitch and complain then do it in Quebec, not here!  

The long and short of this whole argument is that French is a minority language outside of Quebec and should take a deferential position to English in the rest of the country!

Image result for gay copAnd then we have the story of hiring gays for the London Police Force. I will have to paraphrase this story since I don't have it in front of me, but the main thrust [sic] of the story claimed that out of 600 cops in the city anywhere from 25 to 50 of them would be gay, (which coincides with the claim by certain groups who are trying to make homosexuality more mainstream that 10% of people are queer) while the reality of the situation is that only 2 - 3% are so inclined.

Add to this the fact that police psychological tests would weed out a certain percentage of applicants that tend to be more artistic and passive than controlling and aggressive and you end up with a figure more in the range of about 10 people, not 25 to 50!


 We got a new "Winner of the Day" folks:

BOSTON (AP) — A Boston bus driver made a new group of friends by surprising passengers with a treat to help brave the sweltering heat: He made a stop at a child's lemonade stand. reports ( ) 49-year-old John Lohan first asked riders if they would mind. With no one in a hurry, the passengers agreed and Lohan treated each to one 50-cent cup of lemonade from the West Roxbury stand on Thursday.
The Jamaica Plain resident says he noticed the lemonade stand a little over an hour before and decided he would ask passengers about stopping on his next trip.
Lohan says the timing was right, because there were only a half-dozen passengers and he was near the end of his route.
He says it's likely the last time he does it.