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Thursday, 13 August 2015

Cosby is back in the news!

Bill Cosby is back in the news today as three more women came forward to accuse him of naughty things!

Ol' Bill now holds the distinction of having more people accusing him of nasty stuff than the combined total of the entire group of people running for the nomination of the Republican party!



Donald Trump, the real estate tycoon and Republican presidential frontrunner, has been spewing insults for quite some time. In the months since he announced his run for the GOP nomination, Trump has targeted  Mexicans, prisoners of war, women, The Huffington Post  and just about anybody else you can think of!

BUT! This time he's gone too far folks.

Apparently about twelve years ago, back in 2003, he dissed a bunch of Indians who were competing with him for a casino!

Trump sharpened his teeth with racist attacks against the Mashantucket Pequot Nation, a Native American tribe in Connecticut by saying: "They don't look like Indians to me," he told the House Native American Affairs subcommittee in a 1993 inquiry about organized crime and policing in Indian casinos dug up by the Hartford Courant’s Dan Haar. "They don't even look like Indians to Indians."



(At the time, Trump had plans to open a casino in Bridgeport, Connecticut, that would compete with the Pequots’ nearby Foxwood Casino. Trump also operated the Trump Plaza Hotel and Casino in Atlantic City. -Ed)


I always thought it was kind of weird when a girl I knew years back in Vancouver called her daughter Poppy, especially since since she and her husband were doing a lot of heroin at the time!


I was just reminded that Gweneth Paltrow called her daughter "Apple," which is still not as bad as Frank Zappa calling his kids Dweezil and ....., and ......, and  ....., Moon Unit! 

Matter of fact, ya might remember that 'Moon' made a record!