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Sunday, 30 August 2015

Is this political test rigged?

Dear Readers: Even though this is a Canadian poll, "there's something rotten in Denmark!"

Here's why: I ran across a web site that asked the following question: "Where do you side on electoral issues?"

Being a political, as well as an inquisitive type, I took the quick test and found out to my utter amazement that I was 97% LIBERAL! (I say 'amazement' because I have always been, and have always voted Conservative. Maybe 'red Tory,' but Tory non-the-less. It's only in the States that my sympathies lie more with the Democrats than the Republicans!)

After thinking about the absurdity of this test for a while, I started to remember a news article during the last election where the same type of quiz was rigged to show you were a LIBERAL no matter how you answered the questions. (This was designed to make the gullible think: "Gee, maybe I'm a Liberal after all ...., so I guess I had better vote for them!")

NOW I'M NOT SAYING THIS IS THE CASE HERE FOLKS, but I sure would appreciate it if other people took this 5 minute test and let me know the results so we can publish it here tomorrow!

THIS IS THE WEB SITE:, and you can access it by clicking H E R E !


You might have heard about the SkyGreece airline that went broke this week and left all sorts of passengers stranded in foreign countries because they couldn't afford to buy the gas to get them home!

Folks, if the country of Greece can't manage itself, what makes people think that their airline can do any better?


That 7 million Lotto 6/49 ticket was sold here in Ontario yesterday, so if you don't here anything more from me after tomorrow ....................!


If you spend any time stuck in traffic ya might want to read THIS:


T.O. comes SECOND to Vancouver in general traffic congestion!

Commuters are encouraged to visit to check out congestion conditions before hitting the road. (SUBMITTED)

Here are the most congested cities in Canada, according to TomTom’s data, with the overall congestion level and where they rank globally:
1. Vancouver: congestion level 35 per cent, world ranking 20th worst
2. Toronto, 31 per cent, world rank 47
3. Ottawa, 28 per cent, world rank 59
4. Montreal, 27 per cent, world rank 75
5. Edmonton, 23 per cent, world rank 97
6. Calgary, 22 per cent, world rank 101

The 10 most congested cities in the world, according to TomTom:
1. Istanbul
2. Mexico City
3. Rio de Janeiro
4. Moscow
5. Salvador, Brazil
6. Recife, Brazil
7. Saint Petersburg
8. Bucharest, Romania
9. Warsaw
10. Los Angeles

(A city with a population of almost half a million!)

"Good News: There are no Incidents in this view!"