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Monday, 10 August 2015

Sticks and stones will break my bones ......!

Image result for soapbox clipartAfter reading the 'letters to the editor' in our local paper for years, I have found that anyone who starts with the phrase "I would like to say that blah, blah, blah is OFFENSIVE," is either suffering from a severe case of political correctness, a Muslim, or just really full of themselves! 

(Plus that sort of attitude makes them immediately suspect as an erratic and unreliable source of public opinion!)

 How someone can get so upset over mere words is beyond me!


Here's a headline I didn't want to see: "Caitlyn Jenner Wears Woman's Swimsuit in Public for the First Time!"

(That was all well and good .....,until his/her junk started showing out the side. AND BESIDES THAT, HE/SHE IS 65 YEARS OLD, SO WHO GIVES A SHIT?)


 Now here's a headline that doesn't surprise me in the least!

Image result for broke clipart 
 "Renters forever, why some have lost the homeowners dream!"

This portion of the market referred to as "some" is anyone living in Toronto and Vancouver. Both cities have red-hot real estate markets where the average detached house is now selling at over a million bucks.

(Brother can ya spare a dime?)


Want a strange statistic. bunky"

Read on: The federal government keeps statistics on how many Americans go to the symphony every year (25.6 million), how many Botox procedures are performed (3.7 million) and how many acres of farmland exist in the United States (914 million).

What it cannot tell you, at least not reliably, is how many people are killed  by cops every year! (I mean like, nobody has a clue!)


 This could only happen in P.E.I.

MONTAGUE, P.E.I. – Someone has made off with $15,000 worth of oysters in eastern Prince Edward Island.
The RCMP say about 100 boxes of the shelled delicacies were stolen from a holding area in the Pinette River area. Police believe the theft happened between 11 p.m. Saturday and 6 a.m. Sunday, but so far have no suspects.


News from Hollywood: "Lenny Kravitz Is Quietly Trying To Erase His Dick From The Internet!" (We'll have to let ya know on this one!)


Folks, I cant say that Bill O'Reilly is the most vile person on the planet, because that distinction goes to Dick Cheney ..............., but ol' Bill comes in a close second!

Image result for bill o'reillyFox News anchor Bill O’Reilly is currently embroiled in a vicious legal feud with his ex-wife Maureen McPhilmy over custody of their young son and daughter, the latter of whom told a court-appointed forensic examiner that she had witnessed O’Reilly choking and dragging her mother down a flight of stairs by her neck. Now O’Reilly—who likes to position himself as a defender of press freedoms in the face of “spin” from liberal censors—is trying to ensure other details about his conduct as a father and husband are withheld from journalists. It’s unclear, however, how successful his campaign will be.


OH, AND WHILE WE'RE ON THE SUBJECT: If ya look up the term "Ugly American," there is now a picture of Donald Trump next to the description! 

Image result for donald trump clipart

(And we're not talking about his hair, folks!)


AND FINALLY: If ya haven't heard yet, astronauts have been dinning on lettuce they grew themselves on the International Space Station, and it's proved to be such a success that next trip they plan to raise chickens!