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Tuesday, September 1, 2015

This 'n that # 449

Fracking was once a swear word on Battlestar Galactica, but in modern usage it's just a phrase that is much maligned and mis-understood!

Opponents claim that feeding high pressure water into shale deposits will cause earthquakes and all sorts of mean nasty terrible stuff, when in reality the pressures and forces deep down in the earth's crust are so extreme that this little bit of added water doesn't have a snowball in hell's chance of making any difference!

BUT, like most conspiracy theories, urban legends and modern folk tales, you will never get true believers to accept anything else than doomsday predictions.

(Let's put it this way kids, getting the anti-fracking crowd to believe that it doesn't cause any harm has about the same chance as getting a hard-core evangelist to believe in evolution! It's heresy! )



OK folks, here's another example of just how screwed up the left wing nuts, intelligentsia and journalists are in this country!


That's right kids ............, "the government!"

Just read THIS:

Manitoba government seizes a newborn a day: First Nations advocate!

WINNIPEG -- The children's advocate for Manitoba's First Nations Cora Morgan says social workers are seizing an average of one newborn baby a day and "shoving them anywhere."
Manitoba is seizing a record number of newborns -- as many as 40 a month from one downtown hospital, Morgan said.
Manitoba has one of the highest apprehension rates in Canada, said Morgan, who added the seizures are as damaging as Indian residential schools.
The longer a child is in care, the more complex the child's needs become, she said.
"In this system, you are guilty until you can prove you're innocent. They're not going in and investigating to see if there is another side of the story. They're not going in there to say, 'How can we help you?' ... They just take the kids."
She went on to say: "They're still taking children. How can they not want to address what they're doing right now?"

O.K. FOLKS, LETS GET THINGS BACK INTO PERSPECTIVE HERE! If these assholes can stop fixating on the fact that kids are being taken into care ...., and instead start asking WHY they are being taken into care, then we might get somewhere!


Hey boys and girls, Pope Francis announced today that for one year only, the “Jubilee Year of Mercy,” is coming, starting on December 8.

That's right bunky, the Vatican is having a SALE .....! Starting Dec. 8th priests may forgive contrite women who have had an abortion for the next year!


 Cool Pope to Allow Women Who Have Had Abortions into Heaven (For One Year)

For some strange reason 'The Mrs. Herself' has gone on a freshness kick, and to make sure our food is sealed properly she is putting elastic bands around cereal boxes, cracker boxes, egg cartons, waffle packages, juice boxes, and even a bunch of bananas!

I gotta tell ya kids, it's driving me NUTS!