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Friday, October 16, 2015

Sex and politics make the world go round!

Well kids, THIS is a headline that will turn a few heads: Sweden just opened an emergency department for male rape victims!

Now  we're not talking about kids or guys that get raped by other guys folks! NO, we are talking about males that get raped or sexually assaulted by FEMALES! (Did I mention that five years ago, the World Economic Forum deemed Sweden the most gender-equal country in the world.)

Swedish officials said the new clinic fosters a culture of equal care. A small survey from a Swedish advocacy group last year found men weren't sure where to go after enduring sexual violence.

Last year, about 370 cases of sexual assault on men or boys were reported across Sweden, according to the Swedish National Council for Crime Prevention. The number of “hidden victims,” or those ashamed to seek help, Jonlund said, is likely much higher.

“The news seems to be much more interesting abroad,” he said.

A radio producer called from Ireland. An editor in Stockholm told him the local story climbed to the top of Reddit, drawing millions of readers from around the world. By mid-afternoon, the post displayed more than 4,000 comments. Some reflected confusion: Can men be raped? Others showed gratitude about the heightened awareness around a sensitive issue.

Wrote one user: “Good. I have a male friend who is the victim of female rape. It's absolutely disgusting that there is nowhere for him to go for help.”

“Gender and heterosexist stereotypes, such as the idea that all men are sexually insatiable or that gay male victims ‘asked for it,’ can perpetuate dismissive attitudes toward male victims,” wrote last year Lara Stemple, a law professor at the University of California, Los Angeles. “Yet such dismissal runs counter to evidence that men who experience sexual victimization report depression, suicidal ideation, anxiety, sexual dysfunction, and more.”

(Danielle Paquette is a reporter covering the intersection of people and policy. She’s from Indianapolis and previously worked for the Tampa Bay Times. Follow her on Twitter: @Dpaqreport.)
On the U.S. political front we have a bit of a conundrum to deal with. 
You might remember how in the last few days some right wing Republicans have admitted that the Hillary Clinton e-mail scandal [sic] was more of a political ploy to cause Hillary some embarrassment than anything else! (In other words, it's pretty well a non-issue, folks!)
BUT, don't tell that to Fox News, boys and girls! They're still going with the suggestion that Clinton should be thrown in jail, or given the lash, or maybe subjected to a lobotomy, so that she can never be a threat again!!!!

Three months after Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email address and server while secretary of state was referred to the FBI, an intelligence source familiar with the investigation tells Fox News that the team is now focused on whether there were violations of an Espionage Act subsection pertaining to "gross negligence" in the safekeeping of national defense information.

Have a look at this clip as an example of a great "Straw Man" argument!


 For anyone wishing to vote for Justin Trudeau on Monday ..........,  just imagine him trying to stand up to Vladimir Putin or Angela Merkel on the world stage.

I don't know if that scares you, but it scares the hell out of me!


With Halloween fast approaching he have a neighbour on the corner who always hangs a fake corpse from a tree, which I consider inappropriate since it is so lifelike.

BUT, it can work the other way too, as this article from People magazine shows!

A murdered woman was discovered this week hanging from a chain-link fence in Ohio, but passersby ignored the victim at first because they assumed it was a Halloween prank, cops confirmed. 
Chillicothe, Ohio, cops say the victim, Rebecca Cade, 31, had been severely beaten and was trying to run away, but as she climbed the fence, her sleeve got entangled in the barbs on top of the fence. "She ended up passing away dangling from the fence," said Det. Bud Lytle.
Lytle believes Cade was beaten with a grapefruit-sized rock in a field, and that she managed to make it 150 yards to the fence. Her cause of death was blunt force trauma to the head and neck, he says. 

Cops found a blood-coverd rock at the scene of the crime, which they believe was the murder weapon.




WINDSOR — Mohammed El Shaer was on a no-fly list, did not have a valid passport and was prohibited by his parole conditions from leaving Canada when he disappeared from Windsor, Ont. in February and somehow made his way Turkey.
“I guess we know who got the last laugh,” the 27-year-old Palestinian-Canadian wrote in an email to a National Post reporter. “Allah’s plan has beaten your fragile entire nation’s plan. May Allah guide you to the truth or destroy you.”
But on Friday, El Shaer was no longer laughing as he appeared in a Windsor courtroom by video link, charged with six documents fraud and parole violation offences after police arrested him as he was returning from the Middle East.
According to Ontario court records, police charged him on Sept. 23 with making a statement he knew was false to Citizenship and Immigration Canada for the purposes of obtaining a passport. He was also charged with breach of probation.
He was already facing a breach of probation charged filed on Feb. 25, and on Feb. 15 he was charged with knowingly making a false document, using a forged passport and possessing an identity document in the name of Mohamed Nour Hassan Moussa.
It was the third time in less than two years El Shaer had been arrested after returning from trips to the Middle East. His first came after he traveled with a Canadian Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant fighter who is wanted by the RCMP for terrorism.
“Canada is home to me, my family but when you’re constantly harassed by government officials it makes life a little bit difficult being followed around everywhere and your name in the media constantly doesn’t make it easy to land your dream job,” he explained in March from Turkey.
The self-described marketing executive apparently came to the attention of RCMP national security investigators after he left Canada in November 2013 with Ahmad Waseem, a Pakistani-Canadian violent extremist also from Windsor.
El Shaer and Waseem flew a circuitous route to Turkey, and Waseem then crossed into Syria. El Shaer later told Canadian officials his passport had been damaged and, after giving false information, he received an emergency travel document.
He returned to Canada on Jan. 1, 2014 and was charged with a passport-related fraud and released on bail. Although he was prohibited from leaving Ontario pending his trial, he somehow made his way to Egypt and Sudan.
Again, he returned and was arrested at Toronto’s Pearson airport. “I made a mistake and I apologize for that,” he told a judge after pleading guilty on Dec. 19, 2014. He was sentenced to 24 days and banned from traveling outside Canada.
“It won’t happen again,” he said.
But shortly after he was released from prison, he disappeared again. On March 2, Waseem posted El Shaer’s photo on Twitter with the caption, “Canadian Muslims guess which ‘high risk traveller’ made it into Sham?” (Extremists refer to Syria and the surrounding region as Al Sham.)
“So what’s ur excuse,” Waseem added, along with the hashtags #Hijra and #IS. Hijra is Arabic for migration while IS appears to refer to ISIL. “What do you want me to say,” El Shaer responded when contacted by the Post at the time.
The apparent ease with which El Shaer repeatedly travelled in an out of Canada hints at the struggles counter-terrorism police are having keeping track of those they categorize as “high risk travellers,” some of whom they fear may join overseas terror groups.
Waseem, who called Osama bin Laden a “hero” and endorsed the enslavement of non-Muslims, had also come and gone with little difficulty. After being injured in Syria he returned to Windsor but was able to slip away once he was healed and return to Syria.
Kurdish fighters have posted pictures online of a dead ISIL fighter who bears a close resemblance to Waseem. But his death has not been confirmed and in June, the RCMP charged Waseem in absentia with three terrorism offences.

National Post