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Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Of Course Jesus was white!

Dear Readers:

Some guy in the Middle-East is making a picture about the Gods of ancient Egypt and he is being roundly criticized for using all white actors!!!

"Well of course the Gods of Egypt are all white ....., anyone who has watched any movies about the Romans or the Egyptians would know that they all look like Gerard Butler or Russell Crowe.

But of course, when the director looks like THIS:

Film Gods Of Egypt 

What do you expect? 


Well folks, it happened. Among the first wave of refugees arriving here in Canada was a certain Azhar Muhammad Usman. (He has been referred to as the "Ayatollah of Comedy" and "Bin Laughin".)

Azhar had been doing the Halal circuit for years, (Similar to the Jewish Borscht Belt in the Adirondacks.) and although reported to be mildly funny by the mainstream Arab community in the Middle East, they quickly got tired of him and decided to get him out of the country by any means possible. (Well, I guess it beats having some ISIS guy sent over!!!!!!)