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Saturday, 19 December 2015

Saturday Morning Confusion # 3

Well boys and girls, if you were ever confused about just how NUTS American society really is, feast your eyes on this bit of info ....., and then go hide under the bed!

For the first time on record, Americans are as likely to die by a gunshot as in a traffic accident, according to new federal data. Gun deaths now outnumber vehicle deaths in 21 states and the District of Columbia. That was true in just two states a decade ago, Alaska and Maryland.
The trend was driven largely by the sharp drop in the rate of traffic fatalities, a result of a series of laws and safety measures aimed at making driving safer.

The rate at which Americans are killed in traffic accidents has dropped by more than half since the late 1960s. That decline can be attributed to a combination of improved technology, smarter regulation, and improved care in the hospital.

Gun deaths, meanwhile, continue to rise!


OK, now that we have that serious political stuff out of the way, it's time to look at that other great American institution: WALMART!


Although we had one brief snowfall in October the weather here in Southern Ontario has been incredibly mild with temperatures in the mid teens on may days.

We are, however, in for a couple of days of colder temps over the weekend before the thermometer goes up again on Monday.

Good thing it's stayed so nice these past few months because people keep getting into trouble at the first sign of snow or ice on the road: Take a look at what happened just over the border in Michigan when they got a little-bitty, teeny, dusting of snow and ice last night.