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Thursday, 21 January 2016

Another Snowmaggedon?

Here's the latest question of the day: Will we, or will we NOT, get hit by this giant storm here in S.W. Ontario?
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A colossal winter storm forecast to bring heavy snow to at least 15 states and 5 Provinces over the weekend was taking shape over the Plains early Thursday.
The impact of the storm was daunting: 115 million people were under either a blizzard watch, winter storm watch, winter storm warning, winter weather advisory or freezing rain advisory as of Thursday morning.
Image result for snowmageddonMeteorologists predict the storm will focus most of its power on Washington, D.C., which could see around 2 feet of snow and dangerous blizzard conditions from Friday through Sunday. NBC meteorologist Bill Karins said the impact of the storm could be "historic" for the nation's capital, Baltimore, Maryland, and Charlotte, North Carolina.(No word yet on the Maritimes.)

Now here's a really strange headline, folks: "Is There Something Unique about the Transgender Brain?"

Of course there is ................., it's in the wrong body!


Ya have to say one thing about ISIS kids, they are an equal opportunity hater!
The latest issue of Islamic State's online magazine targets the terror group's fellow Muslims even more than the West.
Dabiq, as the English-language publication is called, devotes a majority of the 56 pages in the latest issue to justifying the killing of Shia Muslims. In numerous articles, the magazine goes to great lengths to give a theological basis for killing members of the minority Muslim sect that controls Iran and Iraq and has been at odds with Sunni Muslims for over a millennia.
"The magazine spends so much time justifying the killing of innocent Shiites that it suggests that ISIL is frustrated that too few Sunnis favor sectarian massacres,” Ryan Mauro, a national security analyst for the Clarion Project, said. “ISIS is making the argument because it sees a problem it needs to address.”
Image result for isisISIS' literary arm charges that Shia Muslims, or Shiites, qualify as apostates to the Sunni majority and therefore deserve to be killed. The radical terror group's target audience seems to be fellow Sunnis who consider Shiites to be Muslims, or at the very least, not deserving of being murdered. “ISIL's focus on justifying killing Shiites is because it is being pressed by Shiite forces in Iraq and Syria,” Mauro said. ”ISIL is hoping to enlist Sunnis by framing its jihad as part of a prophetic battle where the Shiites and Jews eventually unite behind the Antichrist.


Canada is now "hip," according to a recent New York Times article.
 A New York Times article arguing Canada is suddenly 'hip' thanks to celebrities like Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, Drake and Rachel McAdams has drawn some backlash online. 
The article, published on Jan. 16, has drawn a lot of attention here — and much of it isn't positive. And one author and columnist says it's not an unusual reaction when our southern neighbours comment on Canada and Canadians.
"We like to have other people tell us good things about ourselves, and then we get our backs up instantly anytime anyone criticizes us," said Roy MacGregor. He's a columnist for the Globe and Mail, and the author of several books about Canada, including Canoe Country: The Making of Canada and Canadians: A Portrait of a Country and Its People.
Oh, Canada!
This recent New York Times article praised Canada as 'hip,' but has drawn condemnation from some Canadians. (Haydn Watters/CBC) "And yet we can also be our own worst critics," he said.
"Already you can see that when the New York Times comes out and said we were suddenly cool, a whole bunch of people in Canada were pushing arguments saying that oh no, we're not cool."

NYT lists Canadians 'making the nation cool'

The Times piece mentioned performers like Drake, Justin Bieber and Rachel McAdams, as well as Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, to establish Canada's "sudden" hipness.
In the article, author Peter Stevenson wrote, "The notion that our neighbour to the north is a frozen cultural wasteland populated with hopelessly unstylish citizens is quickly becoming so outdated as to be almost offensive."
The piece also highlighted 17 Canadians described as "making the nation cool."
That backlash to the Times piece included social media users criticizing names left off the list, others arguing Canada has always been "hip," and still others criticizing the apparent Canadian need for external validation.

Colbert, SNL crack jokes about Canada

But the Times' article is just the latest in a series of Canadian references from American media in recent weeks.
American talk show host Stephen Colbert cheekily warned Canadians against trying to win the recent $1.5 billion Powerball lottery in the U.S., calling us "moose-munching iceholes."
Before that, Canadian actor Ryan Gosling hosted Saturday Night Live, and opened the show with a monologue riffing on the joke that he pretends he's not Canadian in order to further his career.
While those were comedic jabs at Canada, few Canadians seemed to find much to laugh about when Fox Sports commentator Harold Reynolds made a remark during a broadcast, and on Twitter, about Canadians' lack of baseball skills during a Toronto Blue Jays playoff game in the fall.