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Friday, 19 February 2016

Thank God this week is over!

Hey kids, ya wanna know how large corporations avoid paying taxes?

I don't have the exact details but 'Google,' which now calls itself  'Alphabet' recently transferred about 12 billion bucks around to avoid paying any tax on it!

Seems one of their companies in Ireland (?) transferred the money to a Bermuda account in an operation known as a 'Double-Dip Irish Sandwich!' (I could be wrong on the exact name, but you get the idea!)

Apparently some U.S. companies are also moving their head offices to Canada because of some favourable tax deals ....., so we are looking forward to the day when all Fortune 500 Companies have their big shots living and working in Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver!


 Folks, if ya want to know just what sort of a conundrum all this modern technology is getting us into, then you should read this:
When a federal judge ordered Apple earlier this week to unlock a phone used by one of the assailants in a mass shooting in San Bernardino, Calif., she cited a law from 1789. It could make you wonder if the nation's legal system is having a hard time keeping up with the fast pace of technological change.
Until the government get a handle on this problem we are going to be mired in a swamp of murky legislation, and quoting some law that is over 200  years old is not the way to go!


There is a man in New Jersey named Steve Pratt who killed his neighbour when he was 15 and then spent 30 years in prison for the crime!

Now here's the part where is starts to get weird!

Two days after finishing his sentence Steve went back to his old haunts and killed his mother!
Now this is the part where is gets REALLY weird!

Nancy Mullane, author of the book “Life after Murder,” studied the patterns of 988 convicted murderers who were released from California prisons, and she wondered whether the timing and gruesome repetition of Pratt’s crimes make him an anomaly — one that led many to ask whether he had been destroyed by juvenile incarceration. (Yup, it was the system that did the poor boy in folks!)

This also means the Stevie will just have turned into a senior citizen when he gets out after serving two life sentences for two murders!!!!!




The latest conspiracy theory nuts are starting a rumour that Hillary Clinton killed Supreme Court Judge Antonin Scallia by smothering him with a pillow!

Remember, ya heard it here first!


The decade long legal battle over the late Billy Preston’s estate and finances is finally over. His legacy — which includes all of his intellectual and intangible property rights, catalog, name, likeness — has finally been settled.  (Note: A lot of people are sort of familiar with the name, but don't realize just what an influence he had on music!)
Preston co-wrote “You Are So Beautiful To Me.” The Joe Cocker 1974 hit version just entered the NARAS Song Hall of Fame this February. He was credited for holding the Beatles together through their last 2 or 3 albums. He was the only keyboard player, though rarely seen in the photos, on the last ever Beatles concert — the Abbey Road rooftop show in 1969, filmed for the “Let it Be” film.
Stephen Stills does acknowledge that it was Billy who “gave him” his most successful song title and inspiration while they were both at a party and Stills’s date left him. Preston told him, “Hey, if you can’t be with the one you love, love the one you’re with.” The rest of that is history. Billy also laid out the bass line for the Rolling Stones’ “Miss You”–something Mick Jagger, Keith Richards and Bill Wyman all admit.
Preston is not in the Rock and Roll of Fame, even though as a side man Billy played and often toured with everyone from Mahalia Jackson, Little Richard and Ray Charles to Eric Clapton, all of The Beatles as the group and individually, Bob Dylan, and The Stones. He had two major number 1 back to back hits in the early 1970s with “Nothing from Nothing” and “Will it Go Round in Circles.” He also has plenty of uncredited appearances on records by Sly and The Family Stone, The Red Hot Chili Peppers and Neil Diamond, to name only a few. His last recording ever was with Moore’s husband, legendary Soul Man Sam Moore, on Moore’s “Overnight Sensational” album. The track garnered them a Grammy Nomination for their version of Billy’s classic “You Are So Beautiful” in 2006.
Billy passed away June 6, 2006  would have turned 70 this coming September 2nd, an event that will be celebrated to coincide with the release of a very special Billy Preston project that’s in the works, but, with the ever present tinge of sadness that he’s physically gone.