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Thursday, March 17, 2016

How old is too old?

Dear Readers:

Harrison Ford is in his mid-seventies and doesn't appear to be slowing down at all!

Aside from being in the latest 'Star Wars' movie, (although they did kill him off in that one) he is also set to appear in a new edition of 'Blade Runner' and also another episode of 'Indian Jones!'

 Star Wars: The Force Awakens

(No word yet on a remake of "The Fugitive" or "American Graffiti.")


On a slightly similar (yet different) vein, we get reports that the 'transporter' of Star Trek fame is actually what they call a "killing box!"

Seems that when the sending transporter reads all your 'sub-atomic' information to send  to the receiving transporter, which then assembles a perfect copy of you, you're left with the original body back at the stating point. (A transporter sends all your information to the new location, not the actual atoms in your body!)

The only way to get around having two of you is to destroy the first you when the info is sent to the new location.

Like I said folks, it basically destroys you, and makes a new copy somewhere else!


This flash just in from the world of music and sports: Sting's wrestling career is over ...!

0316-sting-wwe-01Long story short ... the wrestling legend messed up his neck real bad at his "WWE Night of Champions" match against Seth Rollins back in September -- and was never able to recover.

Sources connected to Sting tell us he was evaluated by several doctors who all agree -- it's just too risky for the wrestler to get back in the squared circle.

We're told the 56-year-old was formally diagnosed with cervical spinal stenosis -- a condition affecting the nerves that can result in extreme pain and discomfort.

In fact, it's the same condition that forced fellow WWE superstar Edge to retire in 2011. (Sting, meanwhile, was quoted as saying that he will always have his music to keep him going!)

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And now, one of my all time favourite celebrities!!!!!

"Apple enlists help of Cookie Monster to highlight 'Hey Siri' in new iPhone 6s ad."

Apple on Wednesday shared a new iPhone 6s ad starring Sesame Street's Cookie Monster and focusing on "Hey Siri," a new hands-free control function introduced last year.


Well kids, it was a problem that had baffled mathematicians for centuries -- until British professor Andrew Wiles set his mind to it. 

Professor Andrew Wiles in front of a version of Fermat's Last Theorem"There are no whole number solutions to the equation xn + yn = zn when n is greater than 2."

Otherwise known as "Fermat's Last Theorem," this equation was first posed by French mathematician Pierre de Fermat in 1637, and had stumped the world's brightest minds for more than 300 years. 

Oxford professor Andrew Wiles finally solved the problem, and this week was awarded the hugely prestigious 2016 Abel Prize -- including a $700,000 windfall.
The prize, often described as the Nobel of mathematics, was awarded by the Norwegian Academy of Science and Letters, with an official ceremony featuring Crown Prince Haakon of Norway to take place in May.

Funny Math Quotes
  • Mickey Mouse: "Arithmetic is being able to count up to twenty without taking off your shoes."
  • Charles Darwin: "A mathematician is a blind man in a dark room looking for a black cat which isn't there."
  • Philippe Schnoebelen: "Algebraic symbols are used when you do not know what you are talking about."
  • Paul Harvey: "If there is a 50-50 chance that something can go wrong, then 9 times out of ten it will."
  • "Decimals have a point."
  • "Natural numbers are better for your health."
  • "To a mathematician, real life is a special case."
  • "This is a one line proof, if we start sufficiently far to the left."
  • "Mathematics is like love, a simple idea, but it can get complicated."
  • "I heard that parallel lines actually do meet, but they are very discrete."
  • "A tragedy of mathematics is a beautiful conjecture ruined by an ugly fact."
  • "These days, even the most pure and abstract mathematics is in danger to be applied."
  • "The highest moments in the life of a mathematician are the first few moments after one has proved the result, but before one finds the mistake."
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