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Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Hey ....., ya YOU stupid!

Dear Readers:

Some people are not only irritating assholes, but they are remarkably stupid as well!

I have received the same e-mail multiple times a day, for days and weeks on end now, and it doesn't show any sign of letting up!

Hey, Can I ask you a question? 

Are you interested in making money from home? 

Would you like to have a second income? 

 If so, what if I could show you a fool-proof way to turn $100 into $300 ... over and over again, as many times as you wanted. 

What's more, you could start making money in 15 minutes from now 

Would you be interested in learning how? Are you sick and tired of the endless 9 to 5 work day? 

Fed up with not making the kind of money you want? Sick of driving in rush hour traffic ... getting late to a job where you have to listen to a boss yell orders at you ... all to make a paycheck that barely covers your bills? 

If you can answer «Yes» to any or all of those just have to check this out. 

Now here's the rub kids, if these idiots think I am going to sign up for anything with them after bugging the shit out of me for weeks on end, they must be morons!!!!!!!