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Saturday, June 25, 2016

Saturday Morning Confusion About BREXIT!

Dear Readers:

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After the British BREXIT vote on Thursday, I made a comment that might not have been very friendly, but hit the nail right on the head, since there's already talk in that direction today!

What I said was: "And those assholes in Quebec will probably think it's about time for another referendum!"

Well, hate to say "I told you so" bunky ......, but listen to this:
As Quebecers gathered to celebrate Friday's Fete Nationale holiday, many were wondering what effect Britain's decision to leave the European Union could have on the province's independence movement.
The June 24 holiday has traditionally served as a rallying cry for those pushing for Quebec sovereignty, and some Montrealers lining the streets for this year's parade suggested the vote could give that cause a boost.
"I think it will help us," said Kathy Pepin, who had painted the logos of the separatist Bloc Quebecois and Parti Quebecois on her face for the occasion.
"I think people will realize that if (the British) can do it, we're big enough as a province, so now we need to gather our own resources and our tools to make our own decisions." (Quebecers should remember that Montreal was the cultural and financial centre of Canada until all this Separatist bullshit started back in the sixties!)
Foreign ministers of the European Union's founding members on Saturday urged quick negotiations about Britain's departure from the bloc, saying the other 27 countries in the union need to move ahead and think about the future.
"There is a certain urgency ... so that we don't have a period of uncertainty, with financial consequences, political consequences," French Foreign Minister Jean-Marc Ayrault said.
So far, within the space of one day, we are also hearing rumblings of discontent from Scotland, (Sexit) Northern Ireland, (Nolexit) Spain, (Spexit) Poland, (Plexit) France, (Frexit) Holland, (Nexit) Denmark, (Dexit) and even, (get this) TEXAS, (Texit).

The only good thing from this whole mess is that as London diminishes as the world's second financial centre after New York, economists say that mantle will be assumed by either Frankfurt or TORONTO!