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Sunday, 17 July 2016

And now the rest of the stiory!

Dear Readers:

Image result for trump clipartDonald Drumpf has had a hard week trying to figure out who his Vice-Presidential candidate should be.

His heart told him to go with Chris Christie, who by the way put his own career on the line, but ended up listening to his kids and the R.N.C. (Republican National Committee) who wanted him to pick Mick Pence, a true died in the wool Conservative.

Well, as we all know by now, Mike won out and the Conservatives got what they wanted:  A man who does not believe in evolution, thinks smoking doesn’t kill, would like creationism taught in public schools, hates planned Parenthood and doesn’t think climate change is happening.



Now I'm not 100% sure what this new 'Pokemon Go' game is all about, but I think you look through the camera lens of your phone at your surroundings and then every once in a while a Pokemon character pops up somewhere in the landscape.

You get points for finding it. (It's like playing hide and seek with fantasy characters!) Then ya can catch it, kick it, or apparently: SHOOT IT!
Some guy in Florida was playing Pokemon and when he found a character instead of catching it ........., he tried to shoot it! And it wasn't just one kids, it was a whole bunch of them!
Sheriffs deputies say he is now in jail ....., minus the phone and gun!


 Just watched a show about some of the countries and lands around the Indian Ocean and they did a piece about Sumatra and how they have introduced "Sharia Law" over there.
Gangs of religious police drive around in pickup trucks and if they see an uncovered woman, or a couple that is touching or holding hands, or any one of dozens of other rules about what is proper and what ain't, they jump out of the truck, load the offenders onto the back, and take them away to be caned.
Sounds like a fun place!


It was forty years ago today that the Montreal Olympics kicked off in Quebec.

That was the first, and only time I ever went there.


I just read that last nights 5 million jackpot was won by someone here in Ontario and I thought it might have been me ....., until I realized that I didn't buy a ticked this week!


Am I ever glad I'm not on the singles market anymore.

First, gonorrhea is now all but resistant to antibiotics, herpes is widespread, AIDS is rampant and crabs are tougher than cockroaches nowadays.

A woman in New York City who was infected with Zika passed the virus to her male partner during sex, marking the first report of female-to-male sexual transmission of this virus. Previously, all reports of sexual transmission of the Zika virus have been cases of men passing it to their sexual partners, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).
 Actually I'm not engaging in any form of sex at all lately, and it doesn't seem to be bothering me very much at all ........,  except for this horrible eye twitch I've developed!