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Thursday, 28 July 2016

NO, they're not all like us!

Dear Readers:

I'm glad to see the mainstream and left wing media is starting to get on the case of some serious problems within our immigrant and refugee community!

To start with there have been scores of unreported cases of sexual assault in Germany from the refugee community and this fact was downplayed by the media ......., especially here in North America. (The only reason I know about it is because we subscribe to BBC World News, Euro News and D.W. - German news.)

Here in Canada, meanwhile, we have had similar problems with the Arab/Muslim community in such diverse places as Halifax, where a bunch of cab drivers are assaulting passengers.
HALIFAX -- Police in Halifax have released updated information about a string of alleged sexual assaults by cab drivers, adding two incidents to the list. Earlier this week, police said 12 remarkably similar cases of sexual assaults involving taxi drivers had occurred over the past four years. But in a news release Thursday, investigators say they have determined there are two additional incidents to add to the list -- one in 2012 and another in 2015 -- bringing the total number to 14.
Police say charges have been laid in five cases, five were closed due to lack of solvability, another was closed at the request of the victim, and the remaining three are currently under investigation
In each case, police say the suspects were described as men, in most cases with dark hair and between the ages 30 and 50, and they commonly spoke with an accent. (Now this is as far as the politically correct cops are willing to go because they don't want to "PROFILE" anyone ....., but, no kids, Nova Scotia does not have any Norwegian taxi drivers!)

They say in 11 of the 14 cases, the women involved were between the ages of 19 and 25, most were traveling in the front seat and the alleged attacks happened when there was only one passenger in the car.
In a majority of the cases, the alleged sexual assaults involved touching in sexual manner and forcible kissing, police said. In many cases, the accused said he didn't want to be paid and attempted to flatter the women, who were typically picked up at night in the downtown core during the spring and summer months.
Now before anyone goes and accuses me of being a racist again folks, let me tell you that I might be a bigot at times, but I have never been a racist because this involves slandering or denigrating a specific "race" of people (Hence the term "racist!")

I, on the other hand, have been slandering and denigrating their CULTURE!

Let's face it boys and girls, people from the Middle-East, Northern Africa, India, China and Indonesia all have cultures that are in some cases vastly different than what we have here as Northern Europeans or North Americans.

Some cultures, like Chinese and East Indians, seem to be fairly homogeneous with White European mōrēs, and others ......, not so much!

Full definition of mōrēs!

  1.  :  the fixed morally binding customs of a particular group
  2.  :  moral attitudes
  3.  :  habits, manners
What I am getting at folks, is that people from these other cultures, who are in a minority when they come over here, have to adapt to US, not demand that we accommodate THEM! (Especially when it comes to their attitude towards women!)

As a further definition of what a 'mōrēs' is, perhaps this will help!