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Friday, 12 August 2016

President Jed Bartlet ain't too happy about Trump either!

Dear Readers:

We heard from president Barack Obama this week, now President Josiah “Jed” Bartlet  doesn't have anything nice to say about the Republican nominee for president, Donald Trump.
The 76-year-old blasted Trump in a new interview with The Hollywood Reporter, calling the GOP candidate “scary.” 
“Oh Don Trump. He makes me laugh, in that nobody seems to get it yet,” Bartlet said. “He’s an empty-headed moron. That he has absolutely nothing to offer us. He has to be responsible for the damage he’s already done.” 
After bashing Trump, Bartlet explained why he was a big supporter of Hillary Clinton, brushing off her email investigation and denying she did anything wrong in Benghazi. 
“Please, if you want to talk about how much her mistakes have cost us, none in human lives — and please don’t mention Benghazi. That’s a lot of crap,” the actor said. “She was not controlling that situation. It was a military situation. And that’s run by the Pentagon or the CIA or both. She’s under orders.” 
P.S. If Clinton gets elected, we think it might be wise to find a cabinet seat for good ol’ Jed.