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Thursday, 11 August 2016

Terrorists and Environmentalists and Prohibitionists!

(JENNIFER BIEMAN, Postmedia Network)Dear Readers:

We just got some more news on that terrorist who was killed in Strathroy yesterday.

Seems he wasn't going to blow anything up here in downtown [sic] Byron, but rather had plans to travel by train to Toronto and blow up Union Station!

(People at the hairdresser's, bank and dentist's office here in Byron are all breathing a sigh of relief!)


More trouble for the Green Party folks! (No, Elizabeth May is not drunk again.)

Image result for tree huggersRecent policy decisions are causing a major rift in the party with the declaration that they love baby seals, like to hug trees, support and promote 'Ecologically Friendly Initiatives' (E.F.I.'s) and generally any governmental socialist tendencies like free education, free medical care, expansion of social programs and gay rights, and ....., and ...., and., oh yea ....., they don't like Jews!

Image result for elizabeth may drunkI don't know how the Jews got in there, but it seems rather out of place compared to the rest!

(Maybe that was added during one of Elizabeth May's occasional drinking bouts!!!!!)