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Saturday, 10 September 2016

Saturday Morning Confusion # 16

To whom it may concern!

Image result for john lennonThe guy who shot President Ronald Reagan (John Hinckley) is about to get out on parole next week, but don't expect the killer of John Lennon (Mark David Chapman) to ever see the light of day again!

Ya don't fuck with one of our musical legends and get away with it! (This also proves that our music was the best!)


Now that Mat Lauer screwed up his interview with Donald Drumpf ....., over a hundred thousand people have written in suggesting Jon Stewart as one of the referee's.


Somebody thinks they're the next literary genius.

Here's the headline on that face transplant performed on some woman last week: "The Changing Face of Science!"


Image result for scrooge mcduckIf Donald Drumpf ever releases his tax returns it might be a replay of that old story about a guy who is talking to a friend of his and is bragging about how he has two houses and a cottage down on the lake, (where he also parks his 42' sailboat) owns a Porsche and a Cadillac, while his wife drives an Audi, and is sending both his kids to private school.

After a few seconds of silence he starts to silently cry ....., and when his buddy asks him what's wrong he says: "I only make five hundred bucks a week!"


Jamaican and Ska performer Prince Buster has just died at the age of 78.

The original "Prince" had a lot of great hits, but just like Ike Turner, he wasn't what you would call "politically correct" with songs like "The ten commandments ftom a man to a woman," but in spite of that he sure could sing!

Prince Buster had a great influence on Jimmy Cliff:

Jimmy, meanwhile, was the mentor of Johnny Nash:

Jimmy and Johnny were the direct inspiration for Bob Marley: