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Wednesday, 28 December 2016

Save the Eagles!

Dear Friends:

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DELTA, B.C. -- Dozens of bald eagles that have flocked to British Columbia's Lower Mainland this year have been killed after they perched on power poles instead of trees.

A wildlife rescue group is sounding the alarm about the electrocution deaths and is suggesting a solution. The society has counted 47 eagles electrocuted in the area and just two of those birds survived. Hope said it's unclear if the surviving eagles will ever recover enough to be freed to the wild.

Hope said most of the birds are killed immediately when their wings connect to the two wires on the polls.

Members of PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) have suggested that not only do we stop building wind turbines because of all the birds that fly into the blades, but that we also discontinue the use of electricity since the eagles are already an endangered species!

One of the biggest groups advocating this drastic measure are the Amish of S.W. Ontario who, led by Pamela Anderson, are not only promoting these measures, but are also behind the protests over the seal hunt, pipelines, clear cut logging and amazingly 'The Lust Lady Strike of San Francisco (1997)'

Objective: Ability for strippers at San Francisco’s Lusty Lady club to form a union

Method of Protest: Strippers went on strike protesting outside the club and asking patrons not to enter unless the women were allowed to form a union.

Results: After a lengthy legal battle, the dancers were permitted to form a union, and the Amish were given free membership to the club for a year!