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Monday, December 19, 2016

Is this Democracy?

Dear Friends:

This might be a rather unusual comparison, but I have been thinking about the answers to all sorts of questions presented on a site called 'Quora' and a certain pattern has emerged that grows stronger the more I delve into it! (The site asks questions about every topic imaginable, and there is  a certain percentage of people who either ask stupid or nonsensical questions, or just give stupid answers to sensible questions!)

After reading these replies for weeks on end a particular sort of person has started to emerge from the 'cacophony' of discourse on this site, and all indications are that these people can best be described as the sort of person who would also be inclined to vote for, and support, Donald Drumpf!

Now don't get me wrong, it's only a generalization and not an outright condemnation of this group, but from all appearances and indications there is a certain percentage of the American population (30 - 40%) that is outright stupid and moronic in their views and habits............, and they seem to be the one's who are loudest in their opinion about everything and anything!

Unfortunately they are also the one's who have chosen the next President of the United States. (POTUS)

Yup, every group, or society, will eventually sink to its lowest common denominator, and this is what is happening right now down there in the United States of America!