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Thursday, 5 January 2017

Russian dissident warns of a Trump-Putin alliance!

Dear Friends:

Former world chess champion Garry Kasparov, a Russian dissident now living in exile in the United States, warned today that the world could be what he called “entering a very dark ages” unless President-elect Donald Trump reverses course and stands up to Vladimir Putin.

(Please watch the whole thing to put this situation into "Perspective")

In an interview with Yahoo News chief investigative correspondent Michael Isikoff, Kasparov said that Putin and his top aides, including Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, are eagerly anticipating Trump’s presidency because they believe he will cut a “grand bargain” with Russia that will expand its sphere of influence.

“They are all waiting for Trump,” Kasparov said. “They believe Trump will change everything … and [give] in to all of Putin’s demands — recognizing Russian annexation of Crimea,” as well as undercutting NATO and “sacrificing the Baltic states.”

“I think that’s a crime,” Kasparov added. “Unless the United States is willing to restore the balance, we are entering a very dark ages.”

(Listen folks, it's all really very simple if you look at it objectively: According to the Perspective Research Department Donald Trump was saved from bankruptcy by Russian banks after U. S. financial institutions would no longer lend him money. This means they now have "The Donald" in their pocket, and we are starting to see the results!!!!!)