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Monday, January 9, 2017

Trump is not very ethical, but who cares?

Dear Friends:

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Donald Trump wanted to do away with the Ethics Committee, (Actually it was all of the Republicans) because they knew that his appointments would run into all sorts of trouble for conflict of interest, incompetence, crazy ideals and just plain stupidity ......, and with the ethics committee gone there would be less trouble ramming his picks through the vetting process without too many major repercussions.


Between the fact that the committee is still there, and mounting Democratic opposition to anything with Trumps name on it, the shit might hit the fan on January 20th!

Matter of fact, Donald Drumpf might be impeached on the day he takes office! 
NEW YORK (The Borowitz Report)—In an emergency meeting at Trump Tower on Monday morning, President-elect Donald J. Trump urged the heads of the nation’s intelligence agencies to “stop picking on Russia” and instead focus on “the very real threat” posed by Hollywood actresses.

Calling the recent allegations against Russia a “witch hunt,” Trump told the intelligence chiefs that their investigations of Russian President Vladimir Putin were distracting them from “America’s real enemy, actresses.”

Growing increasingly irate, he laid out a series of proposals for dealing with what he called a “scourge,” including mandatory registration of actresses and a temporary ban on actresses entering the country.

Additionally, he said that the flow of actresses could be “cut off at the source” by having F.B.I. agents infiltrate improv classes.

“Nothing should be taken off the table,” Trump reportedly said.
The President-elect also complained that, under President Barack Obama, actresses have been allowed to operate with impunity. “Barack Obama is basically the founder of actresses,” he said.