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Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Don the Con's bullshit accusations A SMOKESCREEN!

Dear Friends:

Image result for trump clipartWith all the bullshit accusations from 'Don the Con Trumplethinskin' about Obama trying to "wiretap" him, (or as Drumpf would say: Wiretapp) you and I know that was just a smoke screen to divert attention away from his Russian connections and the problems everyone is having with "Obamacare!

Well lo-and-behold, some of the smarter members of the media are starting to catch on and denounce 'The Donald' as being up to his usual tricks.


That's not all, folks. Drumpfs bullshit is starting to affect us Canadians on a personal level as well ......, as explained in THIS story!
A Canadian citizen says she was denied entry into the United States by border officials, who told her she needs to obtain an immigrant visa in order to cross.
Manpreet Kooner, 30, was born in the Montreal-area to parents who came to Canada from India in the 1960s. She and a group of friends were stopped at the Quebec-Vermont border on Sunday en route to a spa getaway.
“We gave in our passports and we were asked to come inside to be questioned,” she told CTV News
Once inside, Kooner says he was singled out by U.S. officials, who questioned her for over five hours, taking her fingerprints and photograph while searching the vehicle they arrived in.
She says she found the incident bizarre given that she was traveling on a Canadian passport and has no criminal record.
“They made me sign a paper saying I’m not allowed to enter the states because I’m an immigrant traveling without an immigrant visa,” she said.
Kooner’s friends, whom she says were not asked additional questions, pleaded with U.S. officials, insisting she is indeed a Canadian citizen. That’s when she says a female border agent made a disturbing comment.
“She did say, ‘I know you may feel like you’ve been trumped,’” an apparent reference to U.S. President Donald Trump.

THIS JUST GOES TO SHOW THAT YOU SHOULD NOT TO GO TO THE STATES KIDS! Meanwhile a lot of people are taking that advice as witnessed by this photo! (See, no traffic)

Canada U.S. border

P.S. It’s been reported in the Washington Post, who cited 17 Admin officials (most of whom wanted to stay anonymous so they could speak candidly) that he basically threw Bannon and Priebus off the flight to Mar-a-Lago because he was furious with them. 

His tweetstorm accusing Obama of wiretapping Trump Tower in NYC made everything exponentially worse, and he’s looking for someone (not himself, of course) to blame. Insiders in the WH think Priebus is going to be the likely scapegoat.