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Friday, 3 March 2017

How good a president will Trump be?

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Foreign Policy magazine ( is probably the gold standard for neutrality and accuracy. Don’t take my word for it, try the gold standard for media assessment, Media Bias / Fact Check.

What do they have to say?
While the drama has provided plenty of fodder for the readers (and writers) of Shadow Government, it has been very damaging to the country.
even for those sympathetic to Trump’s actions, the EO [Muslim ban executive order] could have been met with far more applause among Republicans if the administration had shown basic competence
the confusion and contradiction is dangerous. It befuddles allies and emboldens adversaries.
Four weeks in, not a single foreign policy official has been named below the Secretary of State and Secretary of Defense.
We’ve heard that key ambassadors are being told to engage with Kushner, not the NSC staff. In addition to creating real uncertainty about who is in charge, those three centers of power are raising serious questions about the decision-making process more broadly.
Trump is erratic, self-absorbed, intellectually un-curious, and vindictive. And he lacks two of the most important traits a successful president must have: humility and empathy.
So this brings us to the scary part: There is nothing we have seen in the last month to suggest Trump or his team will handle a crisis well. In fact, there are ominous signs to expect the opposite.
(Can you spell clusterfuck? Can you spell melt down? Can you spell worst presidency ever? Because Foreign Policy can.)