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Wednesday, 15 March 2017

How I would fix the United States of America!

O.K. folks, I lot of readers keep asking me what I would do to fix the States, so I'm gonna tell ya!

Image result for uncle sam clipart1. Change 'Socialism' from being a dirty word, to being viewed more like "Socialist Democracy!" (Currently the country is an amalgamation of Democracy and Capitalism and this just plain won't work. In a Democracy every citizen gets one vote while in Capitalism every dollar gets one vote. (Bad) Ya can't get rid of Capitalism entirely kids since then you would have Communism, so the only logical solution is to adopt a form of  'Socialist Democracy' like most of the other Industrialized countries!

2. GET RID OF ALL THE LOBBYISTS! (This would fix a lot of the bad things about Capitalism.

3. Get rid of your health care system and adopt a form of universal health care like they have in the Socialist Democracies like Canada, England, Australia, France, Germany, etc. etc. (The current U. S. health care system costs about $11,000- a year for each and every citizen, while here in Canada they have universal coverage for about $5500- per person!!!!!)

4. Put tighter controls on Banks, Stock Brokers, Insurance Companies and the Real Estate Market!

5. CUT MILITARY SPENDING BY AT LEAST HALF, (The U.S. has a bigger military budget and capabilities than the next nine countries combined.) AND PUT THIS MONEY TOWARDS SOCIAL PROGRAMS AND INFRASTRUCTURE.  

And last, but not least!

6. Get rid of all handguns ........., rifles are still used for hunting, etc, and they can't be concealed, but handguns are easily concealed and can only be used for one thing, shooting other people! (Once they are all gone. take the handguns away from cops too, and give them all stun guns!)

And there ya have it folks ....., fixed!

(OH, BY THE WAY: Drumpf and the Republicans are now in the process of reversing every piece of legislation that President Obama introduced, and they have plans to eventually change the historical record to, in their words: "Make America forget they ever had a nigger for President!")