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Thursday, March 23, 2017

It's gotta be one hell of a band!

Dear Friends:

I ran into an old friend a few days ago who is an instructor for the Media and Communication course here at Fanshawe College  in London, and naturally our conversation went right to radio. (My first love!)

Now Brian is younger than I am by a few decades, but media courses are now the accepted way to get into broadcasting, although when I started, even though I attended Ryerson's R.T.A. course for a year, the usual way to get into this profession was to either work for Tex Bagshaw at CKLY in Lindsay or Lou Tomasi at CHYR in Leamington. (They were sort of the training ground and entrance exam for a broadcasting career!)

I started out working for Tex for a short while before going to the 'big time' in Oshawa where I worked along with John Donabie and Barry Sarazin at CKLB. (John and I would cross paths at different times since we also worked together at CKFH in Toronto, and John and Barry are some of the dwindling number of people I know who are still alive!)

Gone from this mortal coil are so many people I knew who brought top forty radio to Canada, but I'm sure they are now all MC's up there in the Righteous Brothers "Rock and Roll heaven!"

I miss them all.

(On a side note I still can't understand why today's radio stations do commercial breaks at the quarter hour and bottom of the hour, instead of music sweeps ......, but that's just some info that wouldn't be of interest to anybody but a radio program director.)