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Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Mein Trumph!

Dear Friends:

I keep saying that the United states of America is headed toward being a Fascist State, and more and more people are now starting to believe me!
The latest incident at John F. Kennedy Airport, is where Customs and Border Protection Agents boarded an incoming flight from San Francisco and asked for—or demanded––ID from every passenger, has hit a nerve with many people—some of whom, like me, think that a demand that passengers exiting a domestic flight show “papers” would probably be unconstitutional, and definitely smacks of a nascent police state.
A CBP spokesperson characterized the incident as a “consensual” search—meaning, in other words, that the agents asked passengers if they would mind terribly showing ID as they exited.
Under the Fourth Amendment, law enforcement can almost always ask a person to voluntarily provide ID, or allow a search, even in situations where they can’t demand either. Unfortunately, the courts have usually held that the officers are not required to tell people they have the right to refuse. The test is whether a reasonable person would feel free to refuse. So in theory, the individual can say something like, “Am I free to go?” or just stroll away. In practice, many people are intimidated or persuaded to cooperate.

Folks, my parents told me that this is exactly how things started in Germany during the 1930's, and we all know how that turned out!

SO! In response to my article yesterday about the likelihood of a civil war in the States I see this slow moving, but speeding up train wreck as ending in one of three ways!

1. The United states of America will continue to stumble and lurch until Drumpf is replaced or impeached.

2. The U.S. will become more and more like a Police State because people in authority will always try to expand their power unless stopped by the courts! (Look at how the surveillance of American citizens has increase in the past few decades!)

3. There really will be a civil war and the far right will win because they have all the guns! 

(Folks a lot of people give me a hard time for my portrayal of America society, but from the almost utopian times of the 1950's the United States of America has been on a long and steady slide into madness!)