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Sunday, March 5, 2017

Out of this world question!

Dear Friends:

I received a letter from someone who is a Drumpf supporter, and wanted to know this as well.

It displays the amount of ignorance and tunnel vision these people exhibit in their understanding of the world. It also displays a serious lack of critical thinking!
"If we took a picture of Earth from the Moon, why can't we see sunlight anywhere?" (My first response, if I was a member of his group, would be that the Moon landings were fake, so that explains it. But if they're not, then of course you see sunlight, it's illuminating the Earth [Terra] and the moon. You don't see stars because the camera has been adjusted to convey the best light from these bright objects ....., and that makes it too dark to see the stars! Plus there's no atmosphere on the moon to make the sky seem blue! -Ed.)


And then we received this reply from someone who is not a Drumpf supporter.

You find something that you don’t understand, so you decide it must be fake. Not just fake, but a massive conspiracy of fakery. It doesn’t seem to occur to you that the cause of your lack of understanding is a lack of knowledge.

I highly recommend a different approach when you encounter something you don’t understand: Do some research. Teach yourself the necessary science. Try thinking with your head instead of your gut!
 All this nonsense shows us that for some people it's easier to go along with other members of their particular herd rather than thinking for themselves.