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Friday, 31 March 2017


Dear Friends:

Image result for black guy telephone clipartOver the last several weeks I have received about six or seven calls from some assholes with a heavy foreign accent advising me that they were from Microsoft (cough, cough)...., and there was a problem with my computer!!! 

I immediately hung up on them for two reasons:

1. It was obviously a scam, and looking up their phone number I saw that the call was coming from NIGERIA!

2. The second reason was that I couldn't understand the S.O.B.'s anyway!

Image result for black guy telephone clipartThe only difference was that this time I followed their instructions (which would have put my computer in their control) right up to the time they said "PRESS ENTER!"

Naturally I didn't 'press enter' and then sent their phone # to Microsoft ........, which only leaves the question of why they would phone me from Nigeria a half a dozen times over the past week or ten days?

Did they think I was some sort of patsy, or do they just have too much time on their hands?