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Tuesday, March 7, 2017

The U.S. Civil War started over fifty years ago!

Dear Friends:

Back before last November's election, members of the Alt-Right in the States, such as televangelist Rodney Howard-Browne, claimed that if Hillary Clinton won the election there would be a Civil War 2.0 in the United States of America!
Said Howard-Browne: People better wake up and realize what’s at stake. The future of the republic is at stake. People need to realize that the media’s all controlled, that everything’s been put out by the mainstream media is all lies and propaganda. All the polls are skewed.
“Donald Trump will be a stay of execution for America that will hold the tide back of the New World Order and the globalist agenda to take America down,” he added.
 NOW, let's hear from an organization called 'Right Wing Watch!'
"To our readers: A Donald Trump presidency threatens to empower dangerous elements of the Radical Right that have, until recently, been relegated to the fringes of America. Never has the work of Right Wing Watch, a project of the People For the American Way, dedicated to exposing the Far-Right"s extreme and intolerant agenda, been more important."
WELL I'VE GOT NEWS FOR YA FOLKS! For the last fifty years, (since the Nixon administration and Watergate) the American Left and Right have been engaged in a  'de facto' civil war that just keeps getting dirtier and uglier with each successive administration.

The high, (or low) point of this war of words and deeds came when Obama first got elected, and the Republicans said they would never ....., ever, let any initiatives put forward by this black guy (Obama) pass in the Senate or Congress! (Never mind that they had already  haunted Bill Clinton with 'Whitewater' and a whole bunch of other stuff ...., at least they went a little easier on him because he was white!)

NOW, HERE'S THE POINT OF ALL THIS KIDS: Since the Republicans, while also being vocal supporters of the NRA, show most of their strength in rural areas, (Except the rich, who keep their heads down.) this leads the Democrats (in all the big cities) to hope that it never turns into a shooting war, because this time the Hillbilly's got all the guns and they just might win!

Don't say I didn't warn you!

Here's some of the shit we are hearing from the right ......, right now! 

- Rick Wiles: A Satanic Child Murdering Cabal Is Leading A Coup Against President Trump 

The Rise of the ‘Traditionalist International’: How the American Right Learned to Love Moscow in the Era of Trump

- Dozens Show For White House Rally To Hail Trump As God’s Gift To America 
(And on and on and on!)