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Friday, 17 March 2017

Trump and Merkel's Press Conference a Big Flop!

Dear Friends:

The long awaited press conference between 'Don the Con Trumplethinskin' and Angela Merkel took place this afternoon and all things considered it was one giant flop and disappointment.

It was scheduled to take place at 1:15, and by 1:45, when nobody had shown up yet, the reporters started to  slowly sneak out and go home!
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By 2:15, when they finally arrived, almost nobody was left in the conference room anymore, and both Drumpf and Merkel, not knowing what to do, gave a quick prepared statement for the cameras and then they went home too!

(BUT .......! As they were getting ready to leave, Merkel made a gesture as if to shake hands with Drumpf, and he totally ignored her in spite of prompting from the few press members who were still there! WHAT A JERK!)