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Tuesday, 11 April 2017

I will never fly United Airlines again!

Dear Readers: "Let's get things back into Perspective!"

We did an article yesterday about how United Airlines assaulted and manhandled a passenger, but just in case you have a short attention span, I will repeat part of it here:
April 10: A United Airlines flight from Chicago to Louisville on Sunday was overbooked, so airline personnel responded by instructing authorities to forcibly remove a man out from his seat. Apparently, as has become all too common, the crew asked passengers for volunteers who would take another flight—in this case, to make room for United employees who had connections to make. When staffers couldn't find enough volunteers, though, they called security to the gate and onto the plane. Somehow, one man in particular was chosen to give up his seat, despite the fact he hadn't volunteered. This was the result:

You might remember United as the same airline which recently took heat for leggings issues.

According to reports, he was "eventually let back on the flight, though he was reportedly bloody and disoriented from the encounter." The flight left two hours late.

BUT, that's not the point I wish to make kids! Remember yesterday when we said that the government and big corporations seem to think they can do whatever they want because their hubris seems to know no bounds?

Well the President of United "sort of" apologized for the whole incident by saying they were sorry they "overbooked," but then 'El Presidento' went on to accuse the passenger for the subsequent ruckus!!!!!