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Friday, 7 April 2017

"Let's get things back into Perspective here!"

Dear Friends:

From now on the unofficial title of this blog is going to be "Let's get things back into Perspective here!" (And that's how each post is going to start.)

One of the first things we will start with is public perception of renewable energy, and why there is so much misinformation among the general population.

Now since I sell solar systems  I'm happy to say that rooftop solar is accepted and appreciated by most of the people I talk to, even if they don't buy into it right away! (All except one guy who swore on a stack of bibles that his neighbour installed a solar system on his house and the birds in the hen-house immediately stopped laying eggs! Now this is pure 100% bullshit, but there was no way this guy was going to believe anything else!)

Wind turbines on the other hand, are subject to so much bad press and general fear that a whole industry has sprung up spreading lies and damned lies about these Don Quixote type windmills. 

I have to admit that the roll-out of wind turbines was not well thought out, but just the same the fear mongers are having a field day with conspiracy theories about what these machines do to you.

First of all the slow hum of the turbines was at first blamed for all sorts of medical illnesses including headaches, bad nerves, high blood pressure and even causing cancer.

After this was disproved time after time the opponents of windmills changed their attack and started claiming that the vibration from the machines (there wasn't any) were disturbing water wells for miles around and made the well water full of sediment and dangerous to drink.

Now you can bet your bottom dollar that once this nonsense is poo-pooed I fully expect them to come up with something else that's equally stupid and silly.

And that's why I have to keep saying: "LET'S GET THINGS BACK INTO PERSPECTIVE HERE!"