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Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Now it's Canada's turn in the Trump spotlight!

Dear Friends: "Let's get things back into Perspective!"

As a brief respite  from our look at Humanities future and the looming questions about A.I. ....., I have to make a comment about Donald Drumpf this morning.

As you probably heard 'The Donald' needs a quick and easy target for his trade policies and has turned on Canada with a whole bunch of bitching about dairy products, softwood lumber, the B.C. wine industry and for some God-unknown reason ......., the energy sector! (We are the major, and only 100% safe supplier of energy to the United States!)

NOW, here's the problem kids: Don the Con's idea of a 'fair' trade policy is where the United States has all the advantages and benefits of any agreement according to which constituency he's talking to! (E.g. dairy products in Wisconsin and New York, softwood lumber in Washington and Oregon, and eventually the auto sector in the rust belt!)

This policy is not only crazy, but would boomerang and cause severe pain to the United States itself ........., for a variety of reasons!

The only problem is that Trumplethinskin is only concerned with polls and can only see what's directly in front of him, not the long term effects!

P.S. On top of everything else, the Perspective Research Department has received credible reports that Ivanka Trump is in fact one of the Stepford Wives!!!!!!!