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Wednesday, 5 April 2017

The Ballad of Martin!

Dear Friends:

This article is prompted by  a news story I read today about a guy who was ordered to pay child support to the tune of TWICE what he made!

Meanwhile, this story is about a fine, upstanding man I know who for the sake of anonymity we will call 'Martin!"

(It is also an example of how skewered thing are getting with all this P.C. talk and the rise of Femi-Nazi's in our society. Now don't get me wrong kids, this doesn't apply to most of the population, but rather a small cadre of people who are more than willing to carry things to the extreme.)

Martin was married, and he worked in the local automotive plant, while his wife was a nurse ....., so together they pulled in a lot of money!!!! (A new car, a big two story house in a nice neighbourhood, vacations to England to see Martin's parents, private school for their kids, etc.)

Then one fine day his wife was caught having an affair with a doctor at the hospital where she worked, and poor Martin had to file for divorce since she wouldn't stop seeing this guy!

During the court case she was represented a barracuda of a Femi-Nazi and they really took him to the cleaners. Gone was their idyllic lifestyle (for him at least) as he was driven into the poor house.

Through some strange twist of fate she got to keep the house while he had to move out and get a small apartment.

Now comes the real kicker folks, the reason he had to get a small walk-up place was because she needed to continue the lifestyle she was accustomed to with her nice house, brand new jeep, and frequent vacations.

Yup, he was really taken to the cleaners by his wife's lawyer, and even had to give her any overtime money he made so that she wouldn't feel deprived.

Now this story isn't you're average run of the mill tale, but rather an example of the extreme's we get into when the pendulum swings too far one way or the other!