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Consciousness is not a phenomenon of the observable universe. It is that which makes the universe observable. Consciousness is the physical manifestation of God within us!

Sunday, 23 April 2017

The meaning of life! No, really ....., the meaning of life!!!!

O.K. here's what I'm a gonna do for the next little while folks.

For the next week I will try and explain some of my philosophical ideas that I have been playing around with for fifty years , and then for the next two weeks after that I will be writing about my trip to B.C. for my daughters wedding!!


Now to get on with the serious stuff, I might be right and I might be wrong, but this is the best I can come up with on a subject as controversial as religion and the meaning of life. (Matter of fact, I wrote a book about it called, appropriately enough: "An Exploration of Religion and the Meaning of Life!")

First, IS there a God, or is there NOT a God?

Only one of two possibilities here kids. If the likes of Daniel Dennett and Richard Dawkins are correct then everything happened in a serendipitous way and there is no rhyme of reason to it all!  (Sort of like what Jodi Foster said in the movie adaptation of Carl Sagan's book Contact! "It's a terrific waste of space!")

Now if there is something behind it all, as those great panpsychic philosophers Alan Watts or Bertrand Russell maintain, then we have to take all the religious texts like the Bible, Torah, and Koran and toss them in the garbage, because they are only fictional books meant to further a human agenda. (Once again: See my book on Amazon: "An Exploration of Religion and the Meaning of Life!")

With nothing left, this leads us to the conclusion that the material Universe was created by a Ethereal being or beings that dwell in the metaphysical realm!

Yes kids,our reality would very well be an attempt by incorporeal entities to conjure and experience a physical world as a relief from boredom! (Remember, even on Star Trek some of the "Q" were getting bored, so they assumed a material form to amuse themselves.

Matter of fact, it was an episode of Star Trek some fifty years ago that got me traveling down this road of exploration and conjecture regarding our many beliefs and superstitions. In it, an impossibly old being called Sargon takes over Captain Kirk so he can experience the feelings and emotions that go along with a physical body! (Now I must warn you that this performance is the end result of what happens when a bunch of Frenchmen at the 'Montreal School of Acting' try to teach an English pupil how to act!)

Anyway, I hope you get the idea, we are nothing more than playthings for a Supreme Being ......, or we are that Supreme Being and don't know it!!

More tomorrow: