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Friday, 23 June 2017

A gay tail wags the straight dog!

Dear Friends: "Let's get things back into perspective!"

I am rather torn and conflicted about this post ...., but it addresses something that needs to be said: Political Correctness, curtailment of free speech, (It’s better to have a talk. If you put restrictions on free speech, then you can’t actually talk about the difficult things that need to be talked about.) university safe zones, radical feminism, gender identity ...., gay rights, transgender rights, human rights, (The human rights tribunals have been given the right to hold anybody and everybody equally in contempt.) sexual harassment, the right not to have your feelings hurt, etc. are all things and ideas that have swung too far and too fast away from what was considered the normal middle ground in previous years.

Every minority group and/or special interest group has claimed a "special status" in our society, and if their self proclaimed "RIGHTS" are not respected by the majority then there will be hell to pay!

Yup,the tail is wagging the dog more and more folks, and one of the greatest proponents of getting things back to "normal" is Dr. Jordan Peterson of the University of Toronto, who has received a fair amount of vitriol and oppression for his views on what constitutes normal vs extremism.

Here are some quotes from the good doctor:
Honesty simplifies us to the point where we can engage in mutually beneficial interactions. But you certainly don’t get my respect by demanding it. You have no right whatsoever to ask me to mark you out as special in any way whatsoever. 
 Or this one:

The thing is that if you replace compassion with resentment, then you understand the authoritarian left. They don’t have compassion, there is no compassion there. There’s no compassion at all. There is resentment, fundamentally.
 And this:
The Supreme Court in the United States has held that compelled speech is unacceptable for two reasons. One is to protect the rights of the speaker, the other is to protect the rights of the listener. The listener has the right to be informed and instructed without being unduly influenced by hidden sources. If your speech is compelled, it isn’t YOU who is talking, it’s some other entity that’s compelling your speech.
There are bleak things going on. To start with, Bill C-16 writes social constructionism into the fabric of the law. Social constructionism is the doctrine that all human roles are socially constructed. They’re detached from the underlying biology and from the underlying objective world. So Bill C-16 contains an assault on biology and an implicit assault on the idea of objective reality. It’s also blatant in the Ontario Human Rights Commission policies and the Ontario Human Rights Act. It says identity is nothing but subjective. So a person can be male one day and female the next, or male one hour and female the next.
So there ya have it kids, whether it's gay rights, transgender identity, or free speech in general, we have to stop the tail from wagging the dog because that's also the end where all the shit comes out!